J. Boye Groups are exclusive, actively managed groups of experienced web and intranet professionals, who meet to discuss the progress, challenges and successes with the projects they are working on.

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J. Boye Conferences were born out of the desire to let people share and learn in an informal environment; stimulating events with presentations, discussions and ample opportunities to expand your network.

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The unique J. Boye approach gives you an easy, effective way to learn and gain from best practices in other organisations, and harvest the benefits of experience built up by peers throughout the world.

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Web & Intranet Conference in Philadelphia

6-8 May, 2014

J. Boye’s conferences grew out of our international groups for online professionals. We are in regular contact with our 500+ members from large and complex organizations and we know their agendas and projects. This puts us in a unique position to assess and determine what is happening in every corner of the field at any given time and enables us to put together a relevant program that really reflects the current challenges of our delegates.

J. Boye Conferences were born out of the desire to let people share and learn in an open environment; stimulating and inspiring events with presentations, demos, intense discussions and ample opportunity to expand your network in a social, informal campus-style atmosphere.


J. Boye references

Here are some of the many organisations, which J. Boye has worked with and assisted on topics such as digital strategy, vendor selection, intranet benchmarking and much more.