Do you have an elevator pitch for your online activities?


Can you explain what you do online – and why – in 3 minutes? How about in 30 seconds?Elevator buttons

Web people often feel frustrated that

It can be very tiring to have to explain the same things over and over again. But have you stopped to look at how you reply and respond to people? Are you speaking their language? Could it be done in a simpler way?

The challenge of pitching the website or intranet to internal stakeholders often comes up in our community of practice meetings. Here are a couple of examples of elevator pitches I collected from a recent meeting:

Moving our printed documents online brings us two extra benefits: Speed – we can communicate and react faster – and statistics – we have useful details on how the information is actually being used. However, these extra benefits also require extra work, so making the shift is never 1-1 in workload, but rather a factor 3.

Remember that we are not making a website for you as local departments, but for our customers”.

Short, concise and goes to root of the issue, don’t you think?

In designing your elevator pitch, you can draw inspiration from some of the lessons learned about communicating with internal stakeholders, also shared in the recent group meeting:

What does your elevator pitch look like?

2 thoughts on “Do you have an elevator pitch for your online activities?”

  1. Excellent advice. Web managers are often perceived as being too “in the weeds” by senior management and their peers in the organization. Avoid tech-speak and jargon, and focus your message on how the Web mission supports organizational objectives and values.

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