5 intranet trends for 2013 and beyond

Two years ago I wrote about 5 intranet trends that we at J. Boye saw emerging among our group members and consulting customers. Looking back at these predictions, it’s interesting to see which trends have really lived up to the promise – Cloud, knowledge sharing, usage of SharePoint – and which ones didn’t: mobile, for instance, is in many organisations still stuck in the ‘roadmap’ or ‘planning’ stage.

So let me make another attempt at defining (in some cases it is just re-fining) 5 trends for the future:


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10 to watch on Twitter in 2013

Twitter logo in 2012This is the 5th year we compile a annual list identifying web and intranet professionals that make a difference on Twitter. They inspire, ask good questions, share insights, curate knowledge and every so often also challenge conventional wisdom.

The 10 profiles have very different views and styles. From all types of organisations, different places in the corporate hierarchy, different cultures and different countries. A true reflection of the World Wide Web!

For each of them we have selected a tweet to give you a taste of their style and of what awoke our curiosity. We'll be watching and so should you. Enjoy!

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Marketing departments can’t keep up with the Web

Marketing departments are overwhelmed by the fast development of web technologies, social media and mobile devices. Managing the digital customer experience requires so many resources that marketing teams simply have far from enough time to do everything required.

At the same time many innovative software vendors, including some formerly known as CMS vendors, are building sophisticated functionality that would enable marketers to target content at the right audiences and build personalised experiences for the most important customers.

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CMS interfaces: The disconnect between theory and reality

Steve Williams from Kentico SoftwareIn theory....theory and practice are the same. In practice they are not - a famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein and a truth also when it comes to design of interfaces. Users will ask for one thing, vendors will develop them and users will say - this is not what we asked for. How do we bridge the apparent gap between what users want from their interface in theory and their reaction when the reality of the new interface hits them?

It's a huge challenge for CMS vendors - 10 years ago it was very much rich locally installed application layers like media surface with rich GUIs and rich (aka complicated) functionality - the world went for web based WYSIWYG interfaces to cater for the 'I have not seen a CMS before' users. Now users are more likely to have seen a CMS in their jobs and you are faced with the issue that they are 'saddled' with a view of what a CMS GUI should look like based on what they have used before.

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Top 10 CMS vendors in the UK in 2013

Selecting the right content management system remains a tricky task in an overcrowded marketplace. Unfortunately most industry analysts tend to cover too many vendors, while leaving out important national vendors.

Based on input from our members as well as our extensive experience with CMS selection, this shortlist is intended to help you navigate the UK marketplace. The list is geared towards buyers from large and complex organisations with significant web demands.

The CMS marketplace remains fragmented and unconsolidated. Many buyers are stuck with outdated systems that are holding them back from fully executing their digital plans. With digital first being the prevailing agenda in many organisations and with with increased expectations from website visitors, the importance of selecting the right CMS is obvious.

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Social intranet unlocks knowledge and creates value

Is your organisation ready for a social intranet? Studies show that social often fails: A recent report from Gartner found that 80% of all social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits. How to make sure that you are part of the 20% ?

I recently spoke with Marc Jadoul, Marketing Director at Alcatel-Lucent and advocate for the company’s social intranet called ‘Engage’, about the benefits of a social platform – and how to reap them.

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Two trends that transform the intranet manager role

Concerned about your career as an intranet manager? Overwhelmed by the latest in social, collaboration and mobile software? Unsure how the 'digital workplace' will affect your job? One thing is certain: you're not alone!

At J. Boye, we get our insights and inspiration mainly from talking to our 500+ customers in our many groups of web and intranet practitioners. I have recently spoken to several intranet managers from large and medium-sized organizations. Many of them share the same doubts, but are at the same time taking action and making investments to improve their existing intranets.

Let's have a closer look at two areas where most intranet investments are being made, and discuss how you as an intranet manager can stay on top of things.

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WordPress: The most used CMS in the world and still not good enough?

Wordpress logoWordPress has a reference list which tops any of the other candidates when enterprises select new content management systems. It is used by BT (formerly British Telecom),, National Geographic and Nokia just to mention a few and has everything you need in terms of security and scalability. It now actually powers around  17% of all "top 1 million sites" according to Wikipedia. Finally, WordPress is open source and can be downloaded and used free of charge.

Despite all these apparent strengths, very few organisations consider WordPress as an option when they go through a CMS selection exercise. Large and complex organisations seem to mostly ignore it. Why is that?

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Enterprise Search – Enhancing Business Performance

Enterprise Search book by Martin WhiteAt a time when enterprises are creating and retaining more information than ever before, the imperative for a managed search environment is more pressing than ever. Enterprise Search shares a clear vision of what organisations must do to enable effective access to this information, of critical importance to successful business decision-making.

The message at the heart of Martin White’s book titled Enterprise Search - Enhancing Business Performance is that the critical success factor for effective Enterprise Search is investment in people in the form of a “Search Support Team”. This team is the key to unlocking access to the enterprise’s information assets and delivering the sustained focus necessary to keep that capability relevant in the constantly evolving needs of the modern digital workplace.

Acknowledging from the outset how challenging it is to deliver effective enterprise search, Martin White presents all the essential elements for success with search in an accessible, practical and deliberately non technically-focussed way. If you are looking for a book with concise, practical information on how to either get more from your current search investment or to maximise the investment you are considering making, then this is the book for you!

Martin White has been using computer-based search applications since 1974 and in the consulting business since 1979. He founded Intranet Focus Ltd. in 1999 to provide clients with vendor-independent advice on intranet and information management strategy development and implementation and as such has a wealth of expert knowledge and experience to draw on in this his 7th book.

Available as both an e-book and in print format, I am confident that anyone passionate about improving the access to enterprise information assets, will find this book an invaluable and regularly referenced companion.

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