June 2013

Recommended reading 2013

Habit number 7 in Stephen Covey’s famous book on The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is to sharpen your saw. The habit primarily emphasizes exercise for physical renewal as well as good reading for mental renewal.

Based on input from J. Boye group members here’s a list of recommended reading for digital professionals. Feel free to […]

Marketing departments can’t keep up with the Web

Marketing departments are overwhelmed by the fast development of web technologies, social media and mobile devices. Managing the digital customer experience requires so many resources that marketing teams simply have far from enough time to do everything required.

At the same time many innovative software vendors, including some formerly known as CMS vendors, are building sophisticated […]

May 2013

CMS interfaces: The disconnect between theory and reality

In theory….theory and practice are the same. In practice they are not – a famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein and a truth also when it comes to design of interfaces. Users will ask for one thing, vendors will develop them and users will say – this is not what we asked for. How do […]

April 2013

Top 10 CMS vendors in the UK in 2013

Selecting the right content management system remains a tricky task in an overcrowded marketplace. Unfortunately most industry analysts tend to cover too many vendors, while leaving out important national vendors.

Based on input from our members as well as our extensive experience with CMS selection, this shortlist is intended to help you navigate the UK marketplace. The […]

March 2013

Social intranet unlocks knowledge and creates value

Is your organisation ready for a social intranet? Studies show that social often fails: A recent report from Gartner found that 80% of all social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits. How to make sure that you are part of the 20% ?

I recently spoke with Marc Jadoul, Marketing Director at Alcatel-Lucent and […]

February 2013

Two trends that transform the intranet manager role

Concerned about your career as an intranet manager? Overwhelmed by the latest in social, collaboration and mobile software? Unsure how the ‘digital workplace’ will affect your job? One thing is certain: you’re not alone!

At J. Boye, we get our insights and inspiration mainly from talking to our 500+ customers in our many groups of web […]

WordPress: The most used CMS in the world and still not good enough?

WordPress has a reference list which tops any of the other candidates when enterprises select new content management systems. It is used by BT (formerly British Telecom), CIO.gov, National Geographic and Nokia just to mention a few and has everything you need in terms of security and scalability. It now actually powers around  17% of […]

January 2013

Enterprise Search – Enhancing Business Performance

At a time when enterprises are creating and retaining more information than ever before, the imperative for a managed search environment is more pressing than ever. Enterprise Search shares a clear vision of what organisations must do to enable effective access to this information, of critical importance to successful business decision-making.

The message at the heart […]

Omron implements a social intranet that delivers business value

When I speak to intranet managers about social intranets, the one question that they ask me most often is: ‘How do I justify the investment in a social intranet to senior management?’ Many organizations are struggling to find and to quantify the business value of implementing a social and collaborative intranet.

Omron Europe, a leader in […]

Writing a book on turning experience into advantage

About 15 years ago, I had the great fortune to work for an American Internet software company in Germany. An exciting time. My direct superior was a highly successful German sales executive, whose unique personal style – spiced with hard work, politically incorrect humour and too many cigarettes – taught me an awful lot. Including […]

October 2012

Mind the gap – also when developing your intranet

It happens – more frequently than it should – that you meet an intranet manager with a somewhat disgruntled look on her face when you start talking about how their intranet is doing. More often than not this is because they are in the middle of a big redesign or a big upgrade to the […]

Sharing is Caring: Dutch government promotes re-use of open data

In recent years, the Dutch government has made some bold choices to open up its online information in many different ways. This resulted amongst others in 2010 in a brand-new website rijksoverheid.nl, the main site for communication between the Dutch central government and its citizens. This site is based on open-source CMS technology from Dutch […]

3 good reasons not to use LinkedIn

While Facebook is struggling after what looks like an inflated IPO, LinkedIn is enjoying positive press coverage and appears like the undisputed leader among professional networking sites with 175 million users in 200 countries as of June 2012.

Still, I don’t have any plans to join LinkedIn any time soon. Here’s my 3 good reasons why

1: LinkedIn […]

September 2012

How Lundbeck uses LinkedIn to support their HR strategy

In a busy working environment, how do you get employees to fill out personal details and enhance their intranet profiles? Apart from having hectic working lifes, cultural issues may also hold employees back. However, without additional details on skills, competences and experience, you have little more than an oldfashioned intranet phone book containing simply e-mail […]

August 2012

Is a social and collaborative intranet right for you?

“Why can’t our intranet be more like Facebook?” “Our intranet needs to be more social” “We need to collaborate much more!”


If you are an intranet manager, you have probably heard these or similar questions and statements before – from either colleagues or management.

The perception of the existing intranet is rarely positive if you ask around […]

Why bother with semantic technologies?

Semantic technologies are a key component in the move towards a better web, but as usual emerging technologies have a much slower uptake than you might think if you listen to analysts and the industry press.

It takes time before they become part of the standard toolbox of ordinary organisations and this is also the case with semantic […]

Responsive web design continues to take the world by storm

Developing for a Mobile First world is turning into a very exciting time for architects, developers, and designers of all things digital.  We are creating experiences for devices that have surpassed almost all other forms of media (except possibly traditional television and PCs) in terms of how people consume content.

There is a dynamic ecosystem that we […]

Avoid the biggest content migration mistake

Want to know the single most important thing to do to optimize your content migration?  Think through the steps of handling and evaluating content during the website migration.

Unfortunately most focus exclusively on one single step: How to get content from the old system to the new one. A successful migration requires a further five steps.

Six steps […]

Ektron transforms the content editing experience with Aloha

Content editing is the heart of Web content management systems, yet have received little attention in the past decade. During CMS product demonstrations, vendors tend to focus instead on nifty marketing features, social media tricks and their mobile features.

Now CMS vendor Ektron, once themselves known more for their text editor than their CMS, have decided […]

July 2012

10 to watch on Twitter in 2012

Welcome to our 4th annual list where we identify online professionals that make a difference on Twitter. Mostly they help us learn by sharing insights, but many of them also help challenge conventional wisdom, ask good questions and promote the excellent work of others.

Some write blogs, some are active on the conference circuit, others work […]