Success and room for improvement at J. Boye


Lau AndreasenSharing what you have learned through mistakes as well as successes is what J. Boye is all about. We believe in openness and transparency and that’s why we have decided to share with you the key findings of our member satisfaction survey from 2014.

According to our Head of Groups, Lau Andreasen we did a lot of things right last year, but there is still room for overall improvement in the new year. We will implement the learnings so you can benefit from our experiences, good and bad. And we hope that you will share with us your suggestions for how we can improve and evolve as a knowledge-sharing community.

What we are good at

We have clearly done something right last year. 80 per cent of the survey respondents said they “would definitely recommend us to peers”. -And the rest said that they “probably would”. Not a single member wouldn’t recommend the J. Boye network.
So what do people value most about J. Boye? The most valued aspect of the J. Boye membership according to our members is the lessons learned from others. Keeping up to date with recent trends and tendencies and networking with local professionals are the second and third most valued aspects. Hearing about best practices and being able to solve problems at work also got a significant amount of hits.

90 percent of our members are satisfied with the meeting frequency and the format of the meetings. And ¾ of the members are happy with the composition of the groups. They also express their satisfaction with content and topics of discussion at the group meetings. 36 percent say that their expectations are always met and 59 percent say almost all the time.

Last but not least 85 percent of our members say that the group moderators always do a good job and the last 15 percent say that they do a good job most of the time.

What we need to improve

The survey also turned out some interesting points where J. Boye needs to improve. 40 percent of the respondents say that our network groups need more members. We are aware that some groups don’t have enough members and we also know the value of a group with a satisfactory members count. Increasing the member count of the network is on the very top of our 2015 to-do-list. As we want the groups to be “owned” by the members, we are always keen to hear if there are specific individuals or organisations you would particularly like to see in your group; if so, let us know!

The respondents mentioned two issues related to communications. 35 percent think that there should be more communication between the members in the group in between meetings. One respondent said that in his/her group there was hardly any communication between group members outside the meetings. Another one stressed that members seemed too busy in between meetings. Common for most of the comments were that members generally would prefer more inter-member communication not only during but also after and in between meetings.

The second communications issue is related to J. Boye. 19 percent of the respondents say that J. Boye should communicate more with their members. One member left a comment saying that s/he would like to see a newsletter highlighting what had and what is happening in the different network groups. Also, a profile for each member of the J. Boye network including a list of their use of vendors and systems.

Networked knowledge in motion

The aspects of the membership that are less strong need improvement. Instead of spending a great deal of time discussing possible solutions internally, we want to listen to our network.

So, dear members, do you have any experiences that we and others in the same situation might benefit from? Or do you have any input for us in terms of what we have been doing right? Maybe you’re just curious about some of the numbers? We would be happy to receive any suggestions or comments in the section below or by email. Thanks to all of you for responding to the survey. Your feedback is hugely appreciated!


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