Successful enterprise implementations of SharePoint


Congrats to Danske Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the Nordic region, on a successful relaunch of their very large and complex Danish site – – on SharePoint 2007. The corporate site is available in English at and has already been up and running with SharePoint 2007 for quite some time.

On the more technical side, it is very nice to see a SharePoint 2007 site that validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict.

It is easy to be critical of SharePoint and it is indeed a very misunderstood product. Earlier this year, we carefully researched best practices for using SharePoint for public websites. Since then an ever increasing number of organisations have been going through successful SharePoint implementations. In Denmark alone, SharePoint 2007 is the engine behind complex sites for organisations such as Carlsberg, Defence Command Denmark, ISS, LM Glasfiber and Maersk. You will also come across it if you aspire to become a student at VIA University College.

There are indeed several failed projects, but to be fair, it is far from always SharePoint’s fault. As Kristina Podnar from WelchmanPierpoint pointed out last week, SharePoint and Web Governance can be a fit pair.

Going into 2009, I wish for more successful SharePoint implementations. Remember that Office 14, which will bring about the next major release of SharePoint, might just be around the corner.

7 thoughts on “Successful enterprise implementations of SharePoint”

  1. “…On the more technical side, it is very nice to see a SharePoint 2007 site that validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict….”

    Well, sorry to say it but it does not validates CSS or XHTML. Also looked at, same problem, just more errors.
    It’s an ‘OM’er’ as we say in denmark :-)

  2. Niels,
    It has been a week since my posting and I guess the Danske Bank site has changed since then.

    My point is that it is indeed possible to create a SharePoint 2007 site with valid XHTML.


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