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Selecting a Web CMS: Case study from Oticon

Selecting a new Web CMS can be a daunting process, in particular at a large, complex and global company. Danish hearing aid manufacturer Oticon (3,000+ employees, customers in 100+ countries) went through the selection process using industry best practices in a 4-step process, which took a total of 7 months. The website was a corner Read more

Intranet design: Hands-on guide

Does your intranet suffer from a heavy navigation, an unintuitive user experience and an over-abundance of information? If the answer to this is yes, a redesign is probably high on your long list of priorities. But before you sneak off and call your local digital agency, I would encourage you to read Australian intranet expert, James Read more

Is your organisation ready for the next big web technology project?

It really does not matter what you are trying to achieve; whether implementing content management, search, portal or something “social”, the project is certain to face internal organizational challenges along the way and will require a level of organizational maturity in order to avoid complete failure. How do you figure out whether your organization is Read more

Developers are the real key to success

Janus Boye in 2000 with some skilled developers If you don’t work with great developers and know how to manage them, you can forget digital strategy, good project management, quality content or user experience design: your project will fail. During the past months I’ve come to realize the importance of developers and how they are Read more

Keine Experimente

“No experiments” was the famous slogan used by the Germany Christian Democratic political party in the 1957 election. It remains one of the most successful election slogans of all times and helped secure a landslide victory for Konrad Adenauer. Having spent a few years travelling around the world talking to online professionals  frustrated with failed Read more

Vendor selection in a month

Selecting a new vendor for a CMS project doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process. In fact, one month can be enough if you don’t overcomplicate things and have made the necessary preparations. One of our customers, The National Board of Social Services (Servicestyrelsen in Danish), recently managed to get through the process Read more

Would you prefer to be a whale or a herring?

Earlier this week I met the CMS selection team at home, a Danish chain of real estate agents. While I quickly reviewed their comparative vendor sheet, I found that in between the usual plus/minus grading, they had used the metaphor of fish to describe their size and relative importance to each vendor. For some vendors, Read more

Rethink web content management

In preparation for the web content management session at our upcoming Aarhus 09 conference, I’ve been thinking about the many significant unsolved challenges facing WCM. I often talk to buyers, and it is clearly still the case that project failures are far too common. Even those happy with their projects or perhaps even happy with Read more