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Big Web CMS vendors in 2007 and 2012

What a difference 5 years can make! Much has happened in the crowded and still young CMS marketplace since 2007, but contrary to what most analysts expected, the number of CMS vendors has not gone down. New vendors have emerged, local vendors have successfully gone international and on top of that, many of the large
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Why the finances of software vendors matter

I’ve regularly covered annual reports, earnings announcements and other financial news about software vendors. These commentaries tend to stir debate and I am frequently asked why I bother to look behind the numbers. Is it really important? Many vendors, in particular privately-held US-based ones, don’t publicly release audited numbers. Instead they carefully select a few
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Open Text buys Vignette – What it means to customers

Earlier this month Canadian Enterprise Content Management-vendor Open Text announced their intention to acquire the ailing Texas-based Web CMS vendor Vignette. As one of the granddaddies of Web CMS, Vignette peaked during the .com years and did make a few acquisitions. Despite aggressive and creative marketing including a recent re-positioning as a Web Experience Management
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