What’s the best intranet name?


Arla Foods took it a step further and worked with an external agency to develop a logo identity for their intranet named MyWorkPlaceUnlike websites which typically don’t have designated names, many intranets carry a special name that is used to brand the intranet. These names tend to stick and we’ve rarely heard of them changing, but if you don’t yet have a name for your intranet, what are the typical options?

As the below listing of intranet names around the world shows, there are many different types of names in use. Some of these names originates deep within the IT department where the intranet was born many years ago, while others are the result of a communication department or even an internal contest to find the best name.

Intranet names around the world

What’s the name of your intranet?

Please do help others by sharing the name of your intranet. Drop a comment with new additions or changes and then we will keep the list updated.

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20 thoughts on “What’s the best intranet name?”

  1. Our’s is called Valtech Now and is built on SharePoint 2010.

    In my opinion every intranet should have a name. It makes it much easier to refer to when talking to colleagues and the organisation gets a shared understanding of what the intranet actually is.

  2. “Insite” – probably the most popular intranet name in the world

    Everyone just calls it “The intranet” though.

  3. At Siemens we launched a new Danish regional Intranet in March. To mark this we wanted to change the name to something new and innovative.
    Front runner names where: find it, InfoGrid, InfoSpace, Inside, Share it, The Hub.

    As it turned out there was no need for a new name. Or as one colleague stated: “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”!

    The name still is: SieWeb.

  4. Our foundation full name is “Fondazione Edmund Mach” or FEM, our new intranet will be announced next week to all employees and it will be called FEM4me (FEMxME in the Italian version, same meaning)

  5. I’m Intranet manager at SABMiller (we make Grolsch, Peroni, Miller etc) and ours is called WEBrew – wish I could take the credit as I think it’s a great name!

  6. When we launched our first version of the intranet back in 1998, it became SOL (Securex OnLine) > name referring to sun (which we lack in Belgium), fun, holidays,… By this, we wanted to reduce the fear for the new and the online world. Now, it’s really a brand in our company and we had almost no resistance in switching from paper to the online world.

    However, now the latest version is just called ‘Intranet’. Why? Because again it’s another name newcommers have to learn. ‘Intranet’ is known over the whole world. Why make it even more difficult to adapt into a new company if there is a good name that is internationally used?

    But the intranet is still referred to as ‘SOL’ though… :)

  7. I used to work in DSB (Danish Rails). There intranet is called Abc.dsb – sometimes shortened ‘abc’.

    Ps i also like the name Klik (Aalborg) and the name that Fininsministeriet uses :-)

  8. Our first intranet was called compass on the sharepoint 2007 platform, then in connection with a company merger and an upgrade to sharepoint 2010 the name was changed to Atlas. Which, by the way won the “ten best intranets in the world 2012″ run by the Nielsen/Norman group

  9. Manpower Switzerland’s intranet is called InsideManpower, and is referenced informally as Inside or simply intranet. It is build on Sharepoint 2010, and it retained the name of the older version build with open-source technology (php, mysql) and full inhouse coding.

  10. At The Capital Region of Denmark our intranet is called “Regi”. I agree with Peter Sejersen about the importance of having a name. And if the name is both short and funny (but still relevant) it is almost perfect :-)

  11. When YMCA GTA launched our first Intranet in year 2010, we give it an official name ‘Information Y-Way’. Shortening as the ‘Y-way’.

  12. Just remembered the intranet project I worked on at Save the Children ended up being called ‘Colin’.

    I don’t think it was even short for anything!

  13. Hi
    We (JTI) took a long journey to finalise the name. In the end we called it ‘INSIDE Online’ to compliment our other communications channels. For example, Our corporate magazine is called ‘INSIDE International’ and our corporate TV is ‘INSIDE Live’.

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