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Sharing is caring in 2012 – also on the web


Merete Sanderhoff & Janus Boye talking about sharing is caring at a recent meeting in the National Gallery of DenmarkThe mindset that prevails in most enterprises, regardless of sector or industry, is that each organisation should be the protector and gatekeeper of its own information. Key information assets such as product specs, training programs, office information, images and much more remain carefully locked inside corporate silos. Despite the advances in technology and the evolution of the Web over the past decades, this has remained largely unchanged and the real benefits of the Web have arguably thus far not been fully realized. In fact far from it!

Remarkably, it seems like museums could help us leap into the digital future. Recently, several museums have realized successful projects where they've shared their cultural assets, including free sharing of high quality images of art. To better understand the innovative digital agenda at museums and beyond, I spoke to Merete Sanderhoff who is a researcher at the National Gallery of Denmark. She has been involved in several digital museum projects and introduced me to the fascinating sharing is caring trend, which she used as a theme for a conference on digitized cultural heritage in Copenhagen in late 2011.

Read what sharing is caring really means and how it might just be the key differentiator for winning organisations in 2012.

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2011 online priorities in higher education


What are the top priorities for 2011 for online professionals working in higher education? Can online technology be “a saviour” when budgets are shrinking and competition gets fiercer?

From my perspective from a large and complex Swedish higher ed organization; Karlstad university, here are the 3 top priorities for 2011

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