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Angela Ashenden

Principal Analyst, MWD Advisors


  Angela Ashenden

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The social intranet: online communities for enterprise collaboration

Track: Collaboration
Conference Day #2, Thursday November 4th, 13.00-14.00

The intranet is moving away from being a static information source to becoming a central hub for interaction between employees.

To make the intranet more relevant and useful, many organisations are starting to add social capabilities such as discussions, blogs and user profiles. This introduces a set of challenges however.

How do you:

  • Get management to see the see the benefits of a more collaborative, interactive culture?
  • Explain that "improving collaboration" is not so much about a major additional activity for people to carry out, but rather about being more productive and effective?
  • Justify the long-term investment in this approach? Can you build a business case?
  • Encourage employees to use the technology?

Angela will address these questions, and give you a roadmap for:

  • Identifying strong pilot projects
  • Combining top-down with bottom-up adoption strategies
  • Helping people discover the benefits for themselves, rather than simply telling them what they are

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