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Conference, 3-5 May 2011


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J. Boye 11 in Philadelphia 2011 is the 3rd North American conference held by J. Boye. Much has happened since we started the European conference back in 2005 under the name cmf2005. Back then focus was primarily on content management but as time passed the subjects of the conference became broader focused on all aspects of the web industry. To reflect this evolution towards a broader focus than just content management, we decided to change the conference’s name to J. Boye Conferences in 2009.

Our main objective is still (as it has been from the beginning) to create an open minded conference with a campus like atmosphere for online professionals. Here our global audience can meet and exchange experiences and knowledge in a professional, yet informal atmosphere. Moreover, our social events during the conference offer unrivalled networking opportunities.

Since the launch in 2005 the J. Boye Conferences have become benchmark events for experts and practitioners in the industry, and the number of delegates has grown from 126 to more than 250. This growth has meant that we are able to attract high profile speakers.

We hope to see you (again) and we guarantee that you will have a great and enlightening time!

Previous conferences

Philadelphia 10

Keynotes: Peter Kim and Eric Karjaluoto

Delegates: 134

The second J. Boye conference in the US featured 8 tracks on higher education, online strategy, user experience, web content management, intranet, e-health, online communication, and web project management.

The social business and the social web was a big theme with a keynote from Peter Kim on designing a social business and multiple case studies on driving participating and generating business from collaboration. Permeating the discussions was the notion of “speaking human”, i.e. connecting with your users and customers on a down to earth way  – a concept proposed  by keynote speaker Eric Karjaluoto.

Aarhus 09

Delegates: 230

Key-notes: BJ Fogg and Marc Canter

Website, program and pictures:


J.Boye Conferences in Aarhus was the 6th conference held by J.Boye in Aarhus.

With 8 parallel tracks and great keynote speakers, Aarhus09 attracted 230 delegates. Discussions ranged from managing a successful Sharepoint project to global intranet trends.

The programme offered thought provoking keynotes by BJ Fogg, about Design for Behavior Change: Why Facebook & Twitter Are Winning and Marc Canter – How to build a Digital City.

As a new element on Aarhus09, keynotes videos was uploaded on the conference website along with footage from a number of tracks, small interviews, and commentary from delegates, speakers and vendors. We also used Twitter for discussion under and after the different speakers.

Philadelphia 09



Delegates 102

Keynotes: David Pogue and Lou Rosenfeld

Website, program and pictures:


Before finance crisis and swine flu, we had been encouraged by several of our American friends to introduce our conference model to the North American market. We held our inaugural US conference at the stylish venue, the Downtown Club in Philadelphia in May 2009. We had 4 parallel tracks each day, and the event generally followed the template we have developed in Europe. A large number of international practitioner case studies with some panel discussions and with good representation from both public sector organisations and private enterprise.

The first Web Idol competition in Philadelphia was won by Norwegian open source vendor eZ Systems. Our Philadelphia delegates were also introduced to our famous social events; we had a bowling night and Wednesday’s main conference party was a classy dinner at the impressive ship, the Moshulu.




Delegates: 261

Key-notes: Jared Spool and Robert Cailliau

Website, program and pictures:


With 8 parallel tracks, jboye08 attracted 261 delegates and was our largest event so far in terms of attendees and also with the most practitioners. In addition it was our most international event with delegates coming from around the world.

The program offered thought provoking keynotes by Robert Cailliau, Co-developer of the World Wide Web, and Jared Spool, Usability Expert. It also featured an interesting expert panel discussion with Lisa Welchman, Mother of Web Operations Management, Martin White, Search and Intranet Expert and Nicolai Porsbo, Editor in Chief in the Danish Broadcasting Corp.

A new addition this year was Whats On with an hour of informal roundtable discussions on a specific theme. In the Web Idol competition eZ Systems were dethroned when Sitecore won the reknowned trophy.




Delegates: 245

Key-notes: BJ Fogg, Bob Boiko and Lisa Welchman

With 8 parallel tracks, cmf2007 attracted 245 delegates. Discussions ranged from strategy and governance to specific systems and technologies.

The program offered thought provoking keynotes by BJ Fogg, groundbreaking researcher in simplicity and persuasion, Bob Boiko , author of Laughing at the CIO and The Content Management Bible, and Lisa Welchman, thought leader in the web operations management arena.

Pump My Website had consultancies competing in the art of website redesign, with Creuna as the winner, while eZ systems successfully defended their trophy in the Web Idol competition.




Delegates: 177

Key-notes: Nicholas Carr, Ted Nelson, Ammar Bakkar and Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Website, program and pictures:


More users from around the world and record attendance at cmf2006, which was highligted by keynotes from Ted Nelson, the inventor of hypertext and Nick Carr, the controversial author of Does IT Matter?

Representing the international user community, Ammar Bakkar provided insights into ambitious media organisation in the Middle East, while Steve Arnold presented a controversial take on Google. Many large, global and complex organisations turned up and shared their experiences.

Web Idol was a new invention won by open source vendor eZ systems.




Delegates: 126

Key-notes: Tony Byrne, James Robertson, Martin White and Erik Hartman

Website, program and pictures:


We met for the first time at cmf2005. At our inaugural event we discussed Web 2.0 and learned about new emerging technologies and standards at the BBC. The keynotes were given by experienced consultants from around the world, while the cases were mainly from Denmark.