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Conference, 3-5 May 2011

Web content management

The Web content management conference tracks provides you with an international perspective on industry best practicesAttend this year’s web content management conference track to get an international perspective on trends and best practices in the industry.

The marketplace for Web content management systems remains a crowded and confusing one. But by following this track you will be better equipped for selection as well as implementation.

This year’s web content management track covers the following themes:

  1. Standards and technologies for the upcoming web: We want to create richer and more enjoyable user experiences on the web,  but we still need standards to keep the web open and accessible. Philippe Le Hegaret from the World Wide Web Consortium will share the latest insights about the web standards of the future. More about the session: How will HTML5 impact on the online world?
  2. Measuring your online efforts: Measurement is crucial to all online efforts. Analytics guru Phil Kemelor from Semphonic will share best practices on how to include web analytics in you CMS implementation and thereby save much trouble on trying to ‘glue’ it on afterwards. Phil will share the session with the Smithsonian Institution’s Director of Web and New Media Strategy, who will share his ‘Jedi Mind Tricks for Measuring Audacious Goals’. More about the session: How to measure your online efforts
  3. Improving your current WCM implementation: The work is not done, once a new system has been implemented. Vendor neutral analyst Seth Gottlieb will provide methods objectively evaluate a CMS implementations and a case study from University of Houston Libraries how they worked in-depth on improving UX for those actually using the CMS. More about the session: You’ve implemented a new CMS… Now what?
  4. Cloud, SaaS and WCM: Many vendors promote ‘cloud or SaaS versions’ of their software is if it was the new black. We take a look at cloud adoption challenges identified by the US Federal Cloud Computing Advisor Committee from Carmen Iannacone who is Chief Technology Officer at the Smithsonian Institution and a member of this group and secondly  Jonas Software, who will share how they have used a SaaS product to take their online offering to the next level. More about the session: Web Content Management in the Cloud
  5. Evaluating and selecting a WCM system: J. Boye’s own expert Peter Sejersen will share best practices for selecting a vendor and a case study from Lockheed Martin will talk about the differences in expectations vs. reality we often hear in a CMS context. More about the session: How do I select the right Web Content Management System?

If you are faced with CMS selection, then consider coming a day early for the conference tutorial on CMS selection, which allows you to dive deeper into the topic.