Join a J. Boye Group. Each Group addresses the specific challenges described in the profiles below. The groups consist of members who have similar roles in their organizations.

European groups

North American Groups

What is a J. Boye group?

J. Boye Groups are exclusive, actively managed groups of experienced web and intranet professionals, who meet to discuss their progress, problems and concerns with the projects they are working on.

Each J. Boye Group focuses on a particular theme, field or issue that provides a backbone for a shared focus and makes sure the activities of the group are relevant and useful for everyone in the Group.

The defining characteristic of a J. Boye Group is that it's structured around one-to-few communication within a group of like-minded and equally ambitious individuals.

The Group meets three to four times a year to discuss current challenges, share insights about vendors and agencies and learn from each other about how to improve work processes and avoid pitfalls that others have already encountered. Ask the Group what they'd do if they were in your shoes and get useful input and answers fast.

A seat in a Group is normally paid for by your employer. There are no more than 20 seats in each J. Boye Group. Each Group is managed and assisted by a J. Boye specialist, who is responsible for the dynamics and progress of the Group and whose sole purpose is the smooth and productive running of the Group. He or she is there to maximise the benefits you and your organisation get from your seat. The J. Boye specialist creates the agenda for each meeting on the basis of what's currently important and helpful for the individuals in the Group.