March 2016

Sharing intranet experiences with peers

The intranet is something employees expect just to work, but doesn’t give much thought to. They have work to do. On the contrary Kester Seibert’s role at German shipping giant Hapag-Lloyd is giving it a lotof thought.

Kester belongs to the IT team which is responsible for the intranet at Hapag-Lloyds headquarter in Hamburg, Germany. In his view, […]

October 2013

Say hello to Intranet Experience Management (IxM)

So as the market has only just come to terms with CxM or DxM or WEM – I guess its cruel to throw out yet another acronym and expect there to be cries of joy – but alas is has to be done and here is the business case for it!

Using a survey done by […]

July 2013

5 intranet trends for 2013 and beyond

Two years ago I wrote about 5 intranet trends that we at J. Boye saw emerging among our group members and consulting customers. Looking back at these predictions, it’s interesting to see which trends have really lived up to the promise – Cloud, knowledge sharing, usage of SharePoint – and which ones didn’t: mobile, for […]

March 2013

Social intranet unlocks knowledge and creates value

Is your organisation ready for a social intranet? Studies show that social often fails: A recent report from Gartner found that 80% of all social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits. How to make sure that you are part of the 20% ?

I recently spoke with Marc Jadoul, Marketing Director at Alcatel-Lucent and […]

February 2013

Two trends that transform the intranet manager role

Concerned about your career as an intranet manager? Overwhelmed by the latest in social, collaboration and mobile software? Unsure how the ‘digital workplace’ will affect your job? One thing is certain: you’re not alone!

At J. Boye, we get our insights and inspiration mainly from talking to our 500+ customers in our many groups of web […]

January 2013

Omron implements a social intranet that delivers business value

When I speak to intranet managers about social intranets, the one question that they ask me most often is: ‘How do I justify the investment in a social intranet to senior management?’ Many organizations are struggling to find and to quantify the business value of implementing a social and collaborative intranet.

Omron Europe, a leader in […]

September 2012

How Lundbeck uses LinkedIn to support their HR strategy

In a busy working environment, how do you get employees to fill out personal details and enhance their intranet profiles? Apart from having hectic working lifes, cultural issues may also hold employees back. However, without additional details on skills, competences and experience, you have little more than an oldfashioned intranet phone book containing simply e-mail […]

August 2012

Is a social and collaborative intranet right for you?

“Why can’t our intranet be more like Facebook?” “Our intranet needs to be more social” “We need to collaborate much more!”


If you are an intranet manager, you have probably heard these or similar questions and statements before – from either colleagues or management.

The perception of the existing intranet is rarely positive if you ask around […]

June 2012

What’s the best intranet name?

Unlike websites which typically don’t have designated names, many intranets carry a special name that is used to brand the intranet. These names tend to stick and we’ve rarely heard of them changing, but if you don’t yet have a name for your intranet, what are the typical options?

As the below listing of intranet names […]

May 2012

Sharing is caring for SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is everywhere these days, and while intrinsically it is a great platform for sharing, many organizations are struggling to reap this most basic benefit. Did you ever ask yourself why a product whose name starts with ‘share’ is actually rarely used for that specific purpose?

Yes, SharePoint holds many promises but many of you […]

April 2012

Time tracking is the intranet killer app at BDO

Time is money, in particular when you work at an accountancy firm with billable hours as the key revenue stream. Still, how do you get employees to track their time regularly and make sure their time sheets are up-to-date?

At accountancy firm BDO Danmark, a part of BDO International, they have managed to turn time tracking […]

March 2012

Sharing is caring for your intranet

Intranets have come a long way since their early days as vehicles for official top-down communication and controlled content. The intranet of 2012 is a multi-faceted ‘digital workplace’ where sharing is prevalent:

Social features allow employees to connect with each other and share opinions, experiences and common interests
Mobile access is enabling the […]

Intranet redesign: Judge Group says Fat is where it is at

No this isn’t about obesity, it is about a key aspect to the Judge Group’s intranet redesign.  At a recent J. Boye Boston Intranet group meeting Dan Lewis, Intranet Manager for the Judge Group, spoke about his intranet redesign.  Dan chose a “search first” design approach but he knew some users would need navigation aides […]

January 2012

Nordea People Book: A state-of-the-art intranet phone book

Financial services group Nordea released their new intranet phone book in late 2011. This took their people search on the intranet to an impressive new level. The main goals were to make it faster to find colleagues and increase collaboration between employees across the organization. How did they achieve these common intranet objectives?

I spoke to […]

December 2011

How Arla made their intranet more social

‘Social’ was a major buzzword for intranets in 2011. As is often the case, it is far from easy for intranet professionals to figure out what the concept behind the buzzword means for the business and how to back it up with a business case. However, it is clear that many managers and employees now […]

Intranet analytics: Which tool to use?

Are you one of the many intranet managers struggling to measure the impact and success of your organization’s intranet? Are you being asked by senior management to quantify its value and build a business case for your next intranet project?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

Peter Drucker’s well-known words of wisdom certainly apply […]

November 2011

One CMS for intranet and website?

Should you pick a single CMS for both your intranet and website, or should you keep the two separate and select two different platforms? It’s a timeless and legitimate question with no obvious wrong or right answer.

At first glance, using a single CMS is an appealing way to consolidate, control costs and re-use investments. In […]

August 2011

5 intranet trends for 2011 and beyond

Business managers in charge of their organization’s intranet are constantly faced with the challenge to stay on top of their game. They need to cut through hyped-up vendor announcements and media overload to find out which trends are actually important for them.

At J. Boye we regularly discuss these subjects with our members in our many […]

July 2011

Take part in this year’s Intranet – Digital Workplace Trends Survey

Few if any have followed, researched, impacted, advised and lectured on the development of corporate intranets globally more thoroughly than Jane McConnell. Jane’s detailed and methodical approach to all aspects of working in the intranet sphere has gained her a trusted reputation and many interesting, international clients. She has also keynoted the intranet tracks at […]

June 2011

Mercer maps out career paths for knowledge management professionals

Career evolution is on the minds of many intranet professionals. Whether you are a content editor, a knowledge management worker or a design specialist, it can be difficult to know how your career can evolve or what skills you need to make that next step.

At Mercer, a global provider of consulting, outsourcing and investment services, […]