January 2011

Sitecore annual report: a very successful software company

It somehow slipped my radar that WCM-vendor Sitecore released their annual report back in November. Once again they managed to post record numbers with increasing revenue, profit and capital base. Revenue is now at DKK 131 million (up from DKK 79 million) with net earnings at DKK 38 million (up from DKK 18 million). The […]

December 2010

Selecting a Web CMS: Case study from Oticon

Selecting a new Web CMS can be a daunting process, in particular at a large, complex and global company. Danish hearing aid manufacturer Oticon (3,000+ employees, customers in 100+ countries) went through the selection process using industry best practices in a 4-step process, which took a total of 7 months.

The website was a corner stone […]

February 2010

Why pay for Sitecore when you can get Umbraco for free?

After a recent briefing with a Danish system integrator, I started speculating on whether Umbraco CMS might be on track to steal market share from Sitecore in the marketplace for .NET-based content management systems. Others have mentioned the possible trend to me in the past, but is it really happening?

Comparing open source Umbraco and proprietary […]

January 2010

Why the finances of software vendors matter

I’ve regularly covered annual reports, earnings announcements and other financial news about software vendors. These commentaries tend to stir debate and I am frequently asked why I bother to look behind the numbers. Is it really important?

Many vendors, in particular privately-held US-based ones, don’t publicly release audited numbers. Instead they carefully select a few positive […]

December 2009

Sitecore posts record numbers again

Earlier this month Danish CMS vendor Sitecore released their annual report showing record profits and revenue. Compared to last year (see our comment), revenue went up from DKK 56 million to DKK 79 million and profit increased  from DKK 20 million to 25 million. Sitecore has also grown from 120 to 160 employees worldwide.

For some […]

November 2009

Sitecore winners of Web Idol at Aarhus 2009

Congratulations to the Sitecore team who defended the prestigious Web Idol competition in Aarhus at the J. Boye Conference last week and once again took home the enormous trophy.

Sitecore beat competing CMS vendors e-Spirit, Microsoft and Terminalfour as well as data migration vendor Kapow and video start-up 23.

Just like in 2008, it was a refreshing, […]

August 2009

Who should be on your CMS shortlist?

Selecting the right CMS is not an easy task with; there is in excess of 1,000 vendors in the very dynamic CMS marketplace. Unfortunately industry analysts tend to evaluate too many vendors for the needs of most buyers. Consider CMS Watch which has 42 systems in their Web CMS Report and Gartner with 18 […]

New Sitecore version – why bother?

In June this year CMS vendor Sitecore proudly announced the release of version 6.1 branded using the enjoyable acronym OMS (Online Marketing Suite). The press release describes OMS as

(…) a breakthrough for organizations now able  to unify Web content management capabilities, Web analytics and marketing automation for greater customer engagement and personalization.

Informed buyers will find […]

May 2009

Don’t buy licenses from your system integrator

This week I’ve talked to several members in our community of practice who were all of the impression that CMS licenses can only be bought from system integrators. This is undoubtedly in the interest of your system integrator, but for the vendors I cover, you can buy the software directly from the vendor as well. […]

December 2008

Smart practitioners have harmless URLs

I’m not that technical, but I’m frustrated that the problem with harmful URLs doesn’t seem to want to go away. Microsoft’s very own Jon Udell started 2008 with a very well written comment on .aspx considered harmful, but .aspx is still the standard default used in most SharePoint 2007-driven public websites. Over at CMS Watch, […]

Annual Report: Sitecore continues rapid growth

Yesterday Danish CMS vendor Sitecore – winners of this year’s Web Idol 2008 – released their annual report which documented that the company is continuing their rapid growth. Revenue was up 86% to DKK 56 million and profits are up 216% to DKK 20 million. Sitecore now has 120 employees globally.

On the face of it […]

November 2008

Swedish CMS-vendor EPiServer keeps growing – still without setting foot in the US

I’ve been tracking Swedish CMS vendor EPiServer since late 2005. Many milestones later the company has now expanded far outside beyond its home shores, but unlike other ambitious and growing vendors, they have so far resisted the usual European temptation to attempt venturing into the US market. Quite unlike local competitor Sitecore, which have built […]

Sitecore won Web Idol 2008

Congrats to the Sitecore team who won the prestigious Web Idol competition in Aarhus at the jboye08 conference last week and took home the enormous trophy, which is already prominently featured on their website. Sitecore participated back in 2006, when Norwegian eZ won, and then did not participate in 2007, when eZ won yet again.

It […]