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Aarhus 16

November 1-3

The conference consists of 3 packed days with conference topics such as communication, digital business development and employee
engagement and much more. Meet global digital leaders from organisations like Kerry Foods, Skanska & Advice.

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Speak with your customers naturally: Design the conversation

I’m a product content strategist for US bank Capital One’s Spark Business banking products based in San Francisco.Capital one is a subsidiary of the US bank. As a product content strategist, I focus on the words that our small-business-owner customers see as they bank online with us.

I also coach teams on how to design the conversation between our customers and Capital One, and I do workshops where the end goal is for everyone to design the right conversations for their business. I will be doing this at the upcoming J. Boye Aarhus 16 conference in November.

But what does designing the conversation actually mean? When we set out to design the conversation, we approach what we write and design with the understanding that every word we put in front of a customer is part of a dialogue; that we’re in a relationship together; and that we want to sound like a human and someone who’s a friend…

Sara Zailskas Walsh
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