J. Boye is a networking company that facilitates knowledge sharing between digital professionals and technologists. J. Boye is about achieving the best digital solutions for you. We create structured knowledge-sharing groups and annual conferences where digital experts gain insights and learn through sharing experiences with digital professionals from around the globe.

Aarhus 16

November 1-3

The conference consists of 3 packed days with conference topics such as communication, digital business development and employee
engagement and much more. Meet global digital leaders from organisations like Kerry Foods, Skanska & Advice.

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10 intranet leaders to watch in 2016

Great organisations need internal communication and collaboration leaders with business acumen, a good understanding of the organisation and its workforce and flair for navigating the many layers and stakeholder groups; in short, great intranet leaders. Over the last decade, we’ve seen what a remarkable difference it can make to have the right folks heading up this area.

A well engineered and well run intranet can be instrumental in optimizing processes and helping people get the job done quicker and more effectively. We want to recognize some of the stars in our network; the people behind – or rather at the center of some of the great intranets / digital workplaces we have seen. Some of these work in large, global and complex organisations, others at government and some at vendors for whom 2016 will represent a critical year in their impact on the industry as a whole.

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