I got my job through my network

A network can be used for many different things. Some use it to solve work and

projectrelated issues. Some use it for inspiration. And some

make valuable connections whom they can benefit from later on in their career.

Bart Omlo, business development manager for Kentico’s Benelux operations, recently got his current job through a contact that he had met in the J. Boye network. This is his story.

“I got my job through the J. Boye network”

Bart Omlo
Bart Omlo, business development manager for Kentico’s Benelux operations

Back in the day, I joined system integrator, HintTech. Here, I started as project manager and grew from managing the engineers, then the Nordic office and later became the CEO of the company.

In 2010, when I moved to the Nordics, I met Janus Boye and was introduced to the J. Boye network.

I soon joined the CMS Expert Group where I met Petr Palas, CEO of Kentico. In the beginning of 2015, Kentico was looking for a Benelux based profile to start up their local office. As I had left HintTech, I got on the phone with Petr Palas and here I am!

In between meetings: make noise and promote your expertise

When I first joined the CMS Expert Group, I had the feeling that we were a group of self-proclaimed experts. I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t the case. We had to prove to each other in the group and to digital experts and professionals outside that we were competent people within real knowledge and insights; that we were actual experts.

To succeed in this effort, we had to be heard. And what better way than to make some noise? In between meetings, we actively shared blogs and started discussions.

The group’s members are a mix of vendors, analysts, clients, service providers and other non-affiliated digital professionals so we had the chance to enrich the discussions with views from all sides of the table. During meetings, our discussions were stimulated by inputs from our group moderator who also ensured the proper facilitation.

Value added: expert label, great for marketing

The real added value was the marketing for my company. I could tell people that I was a member of the CMS Experts Group which gave the organisation a expert image.

Second of all, the CMS Expert Group is different from the likes of Gartner and Real Story Group where they get all the credit. In this case J. Boye facilitates and we as a collective and individuals are the face to the outside world meaning that we get the credit. We are an open group. We collaboratively draft the agenda and we have discussions. Together we decide on where to go next and who is going to write the next blog.

Advice: give – and take

When you give a lot you will also get a lot. You have to be active and contribute to the discussions; you have to be a real part of the group. Remember to take a step back and put your own interest aside. Instead, look at the world from the perspective of the market. This is how I got so much out of the network.

A group that matches your profile and person

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