Enterprise messaging – an integrated part of work

enterprise-messaging-t-systems-mms-deWas enterprise messaging a big topic in your organisation in 2016?

WhatsApp and other alternatives are increasingly being used in many organisations and our members at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions in Germany recently published a whitepaper on the topic which includes a case study from Airbus, an expert interview with me, tool comparisons and much more.

Based on many J. Boye group meetings in Europe and North America, our take is that enterprise messaging is now moving onto the center stage. Many have used tools like WhatsApp unofficially to get work done, but now organisations are finding ways to make it an integrated part of work.

For more information, download the whitepaper free of charge on the below page on the T-Systems site (registration required):

Whitepaper: Enterprise messaging – WhatsApp for companies

If you are a J. Boye member, you will get a printed version at the upcoming group meetings.

For more about the future of work, do consider attending our upcoming Masterclass on the Workplace of the Future in Amsterdam on 30 March, where T-Systems will share their employee app success story.

PS: The whitepaper is also available in German – see our German blog: Enterprise Messaging wird die Unternehmen erobern



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