A vendor-neutral evaluation of Intranet Dashboard


“Now in version 8 released in late 2016, Intranet Dashboard has come a long way to help you deliver not only an internal communication channel, but also a digital workplace, with built in document management, Enterprise Social Network, process automation and integration capabilities.”

To help our growing member community make better technology decisions, we’ve just released a new and detailed review of Intranet Dashboard,

The marketplace for out-of-the-box intranet solutions has been growing in recent years offering you more options and Intranet Dashboard (iD) has been around since 2004 and gained widespread adoption beyond the Australian home market.

To quote from the executive summary in the review:

While lacking a dedicated mobile app, the solution is responsive and works on tablets and mobile phones, where you can access, engage and edit content. The technology is available either on-premise or as a cloud solution.

You can read much more about how iD could power your new intranet, key benefits and plenty of customer feedback in the 14-page review which can be freely downloaded here:

iD Evaluation Report (PDF)

PS: Intranet Dashboard will be attending the J. Boye Aarhus 17 conference in Denmark this November.

About the Intranet Dashboard review

This J. Boye paper is written on the basis of the experience and knowledge of members of the J.Boye expert team, interviews with customers of Intranet Dashboard, members of the J. Boye community and analyst briefings by Intranet Dashboard. The intention of the evaluation is to give you, as a buyer or an existing customer, an easily accessible tool to evaluate whether Intranet Dashboard would be the right intranet vendor for your initiatives and objectives.

In order to provide you with a high level overview of Intranet Dashboard, we have provided a fact sheet and analysis. The product is also evaluated against the top requirements for a new intranet provider seen from the point of view of J. Boye members. Finally, we look at technology, vendor intangibles, and market trends, and provide an overall evaluation.

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