Beware of content related risks

King Content has firmly held the throne ever since he was crowned. However, many tend to forget that he is the sovereign when it comes to producing actual content. Jake DiMare, Head of Digital Strategy at LA-based Luminos Labs, has been building websites for the past almost 20 years, and he wishes that more people were aware of the simple fact that content matters.

All too often, project stakeholders are so wrapped up worrying about technical risks or marveling over new designs, new branding, influencer marketing or whatever the latest hype is, that content can nearly be forgotten or worse – treated as an unimportant ‘detail’ to be figured out later.

If you are a project manager, sponsor, or executive stakeholder, this is a far bigger risk than you may realize.

Rise of the content strategist

However, all is not lost. In recent years the profession of content strategy has grown in size and skill at a geometric rate and content strategists have guided their project managers through the troubled waters of content related risks.

According to Jake DiMare you should at least look for these 7 potential dangers on the content strategy map:

1) Failure to appreciate the depth and breadth of a project
2) Failure to recognize the critical importance of content
3) Failure to plan for creating and/or revising content
4) Failure to understand the challenges of designing with dummy content
5) Failure to properly plan for content migration
6) Failure to plan for the disruptive effects of owning a new CMS
7) Failure to understand the gravity of business requirements

Now, one thing is navigating, but you also need to know how to mitigate the seven risks so you too can get through the troubled waters.

Design the author experience

In 2017 customer experience seems firmly planted on the radar screen of management, and most recognize the crucial link between employee experience and customer experience. Clearly happy, empowered and motivated employees will ensure a better customer experience, than grumpy or disillusioned employees.

When it comes to content creation, this means you need to take a firm look at the author experience. Don’t just accept the CMS or whatever else system you are using out-of-the-box. If you want to create killer content, you need to provide an author experience that does not suck

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