About J. Boye

The J. Boye vision

We live in a world of barriers; both real and psychological ones. But at J. Boye we insist that knowledge is to be shared, which is why we work to define those barriers ourselves.

We strive to liberate knowledge between digital leaders, vendors and agencies, technologists, marketing and communication professionals in every sector. We want to break down barriers and mature the market to achieve best in class digital solutions.

We are creating a structured knowledge-sharing ecosystem where digital leaders learn and teach by sharing insights from personal experience.

We believe that one makes informed decisions when the dialogue is on equal terms. This is why we will always keep a balanced and interest free network.

How do we do this?

We do this by bringing people together to facilitate that knowledge sharing so that they can learn from experience. We do so independently of vendor interests and in three different ways:

  • Knowledge sharing peer-groups: these intimate groups focus on different areas including business development, content strategy, digital communication, web project management, collaboration, digital workplace and many more
  • Conferences: combining the intimacy of our groups with world-class speakers to create an ideal learning environment
  • Consulting, Independent research & product evaluations on an ad-hoc basis

We want to provide a vendor-neutral knowledge-sharing platform, enabling clients to make the right decisions .

By bringing the knowledge of our network into action, we believe that we can help you get a head-start in the digital future of tomorrow.

How did it start?

Before founding J. Boye in 2003, Janus Boye worked almost 5 years in Germany at a US-based digital agency in Munich and later at a CMS vendor in Frankfurt. In various roles from pre-sales, project management and product management, he enjoyed life on the other side of the table, but also frustrated by low success rate of projects and huge knowledge gap between vendors and clients.

Upon returning to Denmark, he realized that customers were facing the same challenges with their digital projects and so Janus established the first knowledge-sharing group in 2004.

This became the start of the J. Boye network, which today spans Europe and North America. With annual conferences in Philadelphia and Aarhus and groups in more than a dozen countries, our network has become a truly global community for the smartest digital leaders.

The team

Claus Hoelgaard Olsen
Managing director


Janus Boye

Janus Boye

Lau H. Andreasen
Head of Groups


Sabine Beck
Group moderator

Tim Jessen

Tim Jessen
Product Manager


Valur Zophoníasson


Marie Helledie Olsen
Web & Communication