Unpacking the 2017 US Holiday Shopping Weekend

During my keynote presentation at the J. Boye 17 Aarhus conference, I shared my thoughts about how slow adoption of digital has catalyzed what analysts and the press refer to as the Retail Apocalypse in the US. Since 2006, thousands of physical stores have been affected by this slow-motion train wreck, including 6800 closures in … Continue reading Unpacking the 2017 US Holiday Shopping Weekend

Stop managing your website

At the end of the day, these technologies will hopefully push companies toward better, more user-focused content When US-based content strategist Hilary Marsh made this comment during her visit to Aarhus in November for the annual J. Boye conference, it resonated really well with me. Both in terms of new technologies like artificial intelligence and chatbots, but … Continue reading Stop managing your website