Aarhus 17 conference program

Program Overview

j-boye-international-aarhus-2016_ibs8605-smallThe conference will feature 3 packed days with 8 different conference tracks and 25+ world class speakers. You can buy tickets to the conference with access on one, two or all three days depending on your interests.

The 8 exclusive tracks represents the different subjects of the conference, talking about new trends and future visions.

Speakers Full Program Tracks

November 7th

In-depth morning workshops
In-depth afternoon workshops
Keynote by Bebo White
Informal city walk
Social event

November 8th

Keynote by Jake DiMare
Track: Digital Business Development & Innovation
Track: Communication & Content
Track: Employee Experience
Track: Digital Design
Keynote by Theresa Regli
Social event

November 9th

Keynote by Steven Pemberton
Track: Agile & Project Leadership
Track: Digital Workplace
Track: Marketing
Track: Strategy
Social event