Come join 2 x 25 minutes of informal roundtable discussions to get answers on your specific questions or help others by sharing your expert knowledge.
Each table has no more than 10 attendees and is assigned a specific topic and moderator. First come first served: you don’t get to see who’s at the table until you get there.

After the initial 25 minutes are up, you get to pick another table for the next 25 minutes of discussion.

Wednesday, Nov 8

14.00 – 15.00 Roundtables

Pick a table and join the discussions

  1. Design with empathy and insight – Paul-Jarvis Heath (UK)
  2. Digital Transformation: What does your employees really want, and how do you get to understand it? – Tanja Curdt, Deutsche Post DHL (DE)
  3. Evaluating experiences with digital agencies – how do we truly pick the best? – Sara Redin, Redin Consult (DK)
  4. How to manage the General Data Protection Regulation without spending unnecessary internal and external resources – Tommy Angermair, Clemens Law (DK)
  5. Immersive computing: VR, AR, MR & XR – Joanna Popper
  6. Internal digital agency or not? How to lead digital and best position your team of change agents – Mikkel Andersen, GEA (DK)
  7. Making video work in the digital workplace – Hanna Karppi, Skanska (SE)
  8. Robotic process automation – Aiste Hoffbeck, DTU (Technical University of Denmark)
  9. The State of Web Standards – the W3C and DRM/EME – Bebo White, Lecturer & Author
  10. What does AI-first really mean for our 2018 projects? – Tracy Green (UK)

Thursday, Nov 9

14.00 – 15.00 Roundtables

Pick a table and join the discussions

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Voice – How to Capitalise on the Huge Potential – Tracy Green (UK)
  2. How to best manage consistency in the digital and physical world
    Bart Lammertyn, MediaBeacon (BE)
  3. Leading digital teams – Andreas Klinke Johannsen, VELUX (DK)
  4. Manage your work, manage your life – Maren Christin Huebl, SAP (DE)
  5. Opening the Digital Workplace for blue collar workers – what’s the golden approach? – Tanja Curdt, Deutsche Post DHL (DE)
  6. What’s on the digital agenda in 2018? – Colan Mehaffey, University of Edinburgh (UK)

November 7th

In-depth morning workshops
In-depth afternoon workshops
Keynote by Bebo White
Informal city walk
Social event

November 8th

Keynote by Jake DiMare
 – Business Development
 – Customer Experience
 – Digital Workplace
 – User Experience
Keynote by Theresa Regli
Social event

November 9th

Keynote by Steven Pemberton
 – Agile & Project Leadership
 – Employee Experience
 – Marketing
 – Strategy
Social event