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Bebo White Keynote
Cybercurrency and Blockchain (observations, status, impact and future)
Carolyn Clarke Presentation
The Three Iron Rules of Custumer Experience: How you are breaking them and how to stop
Uniting Your Digital Channels Creating a Strategy to Ensure Maximum Impact
Christina Rahtgens Presentation
Your Employee are Your Biggest Marketing Assets. Help Them Become Your Brands Ambassadors
Claus Broholm Presentation
Warstories from Institutionalizing UX in Bankdata
Colan Mehaffey Presentation
Developing winning strategies which embrace both tech and marketing cultures (40 Mb, PDF)
Florian Hoecherl Presentation
Kanban Scrum and Other Tools for Agile and Hybrid Project Management
Hilary Marsh Presentation
Maximizing Your Return on Content
Content-digital Governance
Florian Hoecherl Presentation
Kanban Scrum and Other Tools for Agile and Hybrid Project Management
Lars Elkjær Andersen Presentation
Shop Vestas – Spare Parts Ordering Made Easy
Katrine Kjeldsen Presentation
Bankdata: They Decided to do an Agile Transformation but Nobody Expected What it Would Take
Marc Paczian Presentation
Collaboration Without the Hassle
Marcela Alvarado Presentation
Implementing User Centricity in Every Corner of the Business
Maren Christin Huebl Presentation
Fostering a Culture of Innovation with Design Thinking
Marianne Kay Presentation
Content Strategy for Ultra-Large Digital Presences
Paul-Jervis Heath Presentation
Ambient intelligence: Designing intelligent environments for everyday life
Sara Walsh Presentation
Designing the Conversation: Why Your Online Forms are Important Too
What Content People Need to Know to Create a Great Customer Experience
Seniha Cihangir Presentation
Digital Customer Service Channels and Digital Content at the Finnish Tax Administration
Sharon O’Dea Presentation
Taking Conversational Design to the Next Level
Steven Pemberton Keynote
On the 60th Anniversary of the First Municipal Computer
Søren Borg Presentation
Measuring Your Marketing Impact
Theresa Regli Keynote
Customer Experience as a Cocktail of Technology
Thomas Tom Thomas Presentation
Maersk’s New Strategy on How to Strengthen Relevance with Key Stakeholders
Ulf Kossol Presentation
The Lean Workplace: Startups as Role Model for Your Digital Workplace