Afternoon Workshops

Afternoon Workshops

Tuesday, Nov 7

13.00 – 16.00 Afternoon Workshop

Creating the Digital Workplace and the Intranet of Things: How to use Any Platform to Bring Every Day Value to Your Organization

By Jeff Willinger

My unique point of view on the digital workspace is focused on how to successfully combine the myriad of tools available to an organization’s workforce in a simple and compelling way – thereby bringing your users to the right tool(s) at the right time.

Deep dive customer examples: I will walk through two to three detailed examples of organizations that are running their Digital Workspaces on Hybrid platforms (at a minimum: SharePoint on-premises and Office 365/Salesforce).

For each example, we will cover:
– Business Objectives met and supported
– Technical Platform Leveraged and the roadmap behind these decisions (e.g. SharePoint Social vs. Yammer, Platform capability vs. Custom-code, O365 Video vs. existing 3rd party streaming solution, etc.)
– Unique technical challenges and their solution

For each customer case-study, I will share the solution from both the end-user’s point of view, as well as the technological underpinnings of each solution and the long-term roadmaps for the solution.

This approach with customer case-studies will allow us as a group to have a deep discussion around each solution’s unique goals, constraints, and technical solution.

Conference speaker Jeff WillingerJeff Willinger (US)
13.00 – 16.00 Afternoon Workshop

Uniting your digital channels: creating a strategy to ensure maximum impact

By Carolyn Clarke

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Are your potential customers hearing dissonance instead of message?

Web and social media have grown into our marketing and communications activities at different rates. We add a new channel as we spot its potential, but too often these are separate initiatives driven by purely local team needs, e.g. to ‘get out’ an endless stream of tweets, no matter what. All these channels are making noise, but are they delivering what you need from them?

We will look at how to remove dissonance and achieve harmony. We will ask a number of questions of each channel, to see what it does and why it is doing it. This will start to highlight where the problems are. We will then move higher to get a bird’s eye view, mapping each channel beside the others to note gaps, overlaps, pointless noise, and passively or positively harmful activity. Moving higher still, we will overlay our marketing and communications goals and see where we can align each channel’s particular strength to deliver what is actually required of them.

In other words, we will build a sample digital channels strategy that is practical, effective, and delivers a union of channels that promotes our customer conversations.

Conference Speaker Carolyn ClarkeCarolyn Clarke (UK)
Crowe Clark Whitehill
13.00 – 16.00 Afternoon Workshop

What content people need to know to create a great customer experience

By Sara Walsh

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You’ve set out to create a great customer experience that meets business needs too.

Are you as a content practitioner asking the right questions to do your best work?

Or, as a project manager or lead, are you providing your content team enough information to make good decisions in service of the customer?

There are myriad content questions to answer when you set out to create a great customer experience, and the answers don’t always lie in strategy decks, metrics, research, or style guides.

In this workshop, we’ll practice creating a customer journey map to understand the key customer moments of their experience, considering what a customer is thinking, feeling, doing, and what information they need to move forward. Then we’ll look at and build upon a list of what content people need to create the best customer experience, and we’ll discuss how we might find answers even when details seem lacking.

Participants will walk away with a framework to uncover content customers need as well as an understanding of the information people planning or creating content need to be successful. You’ll also take away tangible ways to find answers when information is lacking.

This workshop is helpful for:
– Anyone tasked with managing customer experiences that involve content
– Anyone who plans and/or creates content and wants to ask better questions — and find ways to answer them
– Project managers or leads who need to incorporate content strategists or writers into their plans and want to set them up for success
– Anyone managing a content strategist or writer

Conference speaker sara walshSara Walsh (US)
Capital One
13.00 – 16.00 Afternoon Workshop

How to Capitalise on the Huge Potential Offered by Voice and AI

By Janus Boye

2017 has been dominated with a massive amount of conversation around the opportunity that voice technologies present – from searching on voice-enabled devices to the new wave of voice first “AI assistants” like Alexa and Google Home. The improvements and availability of these types of technologies have also enabled a new wave of AI powered chatbots, either simple plug and play varieties through to the ability to use Google’s API.AI or IBM Watson to develop more integrated chatbot experiences.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll talk through some of the market opportunities surrounding voice search, AI assistants and chatbots. In addition, we’ll look at some of the projects that brands have been trialling (either proof of concept or full blown launches) in 2017 and then look ahead at the opportunities for 2018.

Finally, we’ll break out into groups and see if we can come up with the ultimate voice and AI concept for 2018!

Janus BoyeJanus Boye (DK)
J. Boye

November 7th

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In-depth afternoon workshops
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November 8th

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November 9th

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