Digital Workplace Track

Most organisations still operate with what could be termed a classic intranet; a platform where content is published and static company information is stored.

Despite the massive confusion surrounding the definition, every organisation today has a digital workplace; a plethora of platforms, tools, workflows and services – and the intranet is simply a part of this landscape.

The digital workplace conference track is moderated by Jed Cawthorne from BMO in Toronto who will help bring out new perspectives for your digital workplace in 2018

 Wednesday, Nov 8

8.00 – 9.00 Breakfast & Registration
9.00 – 9.15 Conference Opening

Winning Together now, in 2018 and beyond

By Søren Højlund Carlsen

Conference speaker Søren Højlund CarlsenSøren Højlund Carlsen
9.15 – 10.00 Keynote

Avoiding Disruption in the Era of Accelerating Change

By Jake DiMare

Today, technology, and customer expectations are evolving so rapidly there’s barely time to get our heads around the latest new trends when the next big thing comes along, presenting all new challenges. And we’re just getting started. In this keynote, Jake DiMare, Head of Marketing for Digital Clarity Group, will share the story of a recent disruptive innovator in the U.S. food industry who is already being disrupted, explore what’s over the horizon, and unpack the things you can take back to your organization today, to help be more prepared to survive and thrive in the era of accelerating change.

Conference keynote speaker Jake DimareJake DiMare (US)
Digital Clarity Group
10.00 – 10.30 Coffee, tea and networking
 10.30 – 12.00 Track: Digital Workplace

The Lean Workplace – digital start-ups as role model for your digital workplace?

By Ulf Kossol

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Startups and digital business models have one thing in common: all activities and decisions are uncompromisingly oriented towards the user. All other parameters are subordinated to it. Transferring to the digital workplace would mean that the employee should instead be the center of all decisions.
After a brief introduction to digital strategies, I would like to describe transferable modules of successful startups and introduce and discuss concrete introductory models.

The introduction of a digital workplace depends of course on the three influencing factors of culture, organization and technology. The different degrees of maturity here are certainly enough for us to answer the question of whether digital strategies from the startup world can be transferred to the digital workplace or not.

Conference speaker Ulf KossolUlf Kossol (DE)
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 13.45 Track: Digital Workplace

Managing expectations – building excellent client-consultant partnerships

By Jed Cawthorne

Many intranet, search and digital workplace managers may find themselves working with a consultant for the first time, whereas the consultant may have worked on dozens of projects. This ‘information asymmetry’ can be difficult to manage and consultants can often appear to threaten rather than enhance career and organisation objectives. Over the last forty years I have worked as a consultant, managed groups of consultants and hired consultants to advise me. From this experience I will share ten success factors and ten failure factors – we often learn more from failures than successes!

Conference speaker Jed CowthorneJed Cawthorne (CA)
14.00 – 15.00 Roundtables

Reflections, new perspectives and discussions

Come join 2 x 25 minutes of informal roundtable discussions on topics like GDPR, video and much more

15.00 – 15.30 Coffee, tea & networking
15.30 – 16.30 Track: Digital Workplace

Implementing user centricity in every corner of the business

By Marcela Alvarado

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A long journey is coming to an end! You have being crunching data, analyzed hours of interviews, and uncovered valuable behavioral patterns. And now you have finalized and shaped your personas – and they look pretty! You are not in doubt of the value they will bring to your business. So what now?

Take this opportunity to learn how Arla is planning to implement personas throughout the business

What’s in it for you? In this workshop session you will work with the Arla persona framework. You will learn how to describe your ‘as is’ situation (based on a fictive case or if you have a current project in mind you can bring it along), identify your prioritized persona based on the business needs and assess your case from the persona’s perspective. This framework forces you to focus on the persona perspective and start planning your activities in a more tailored way.

Three simple tangible steps that will bring your personas to live and leave your business with a strong decision-making tool they easily can adapt

Conference Speaker Marcela AlvaradoMarcela Alvarado (DK)
Arla Foods
16.45 – 17.30 Keynote

Customer experience as a cocktail of technology

By Theresa Regli

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The mix of technology required for building a consumer-centric digital experience isn’t always obvious. Choosing the right tools for holistic and effective digital marketing is not unlike crafting a complex cocktail: you have to find the right mix of ingredients, and the right balance, that works for you. What works for one organization might not work for yours.

As a digital experience practitioner or marketer, you need to think of yourself as the enterprise technology mixologist, and work with your colleagues to come up with the right mix. So while some technologies like WCM might obviously be on your ingredient list, it’s equally important to plan for the others, and to understand the role that each technology plays. Otherwise, your cocktail will be crap, and no one will come back to your bar.

As we head into the post-conference drinking hours, Theresa will explore how to build the right technology mix for you and your organisation.

Conference speaker Theresa RegliTheresa Regli (UK)
18.30 – 23.00 Conference Party

CANblau Tapas Bar

Join us for the popular social event at CANblau where Danish hygge meets Spanish/Catalan tapas

November 7th

In-depth morning workshops
In-depth afternoon workshops
Keynote by Bebo White
Informal city walk
Social event

November 8th

Keynote by Jake DiMare
 – Business Development
 – Costumer Experience
 – Digital Workplace
 – User Experience
Keynote by Theresa Regli
Social event

November 9th

Keynote by Steven Pemberton
 – Agile & Project Leadership
 – Employee Experience
 – Marketing
 – Strategy
Social event