Cecilie Kalhøj Kobbelgaard (DK)

Conference Speaker Cecilie Kalhøj Kobbelgaard

Cecilie Kalhøj Kobbelgaard (DK)

  • Development Consultant with Design and IT at UCN act2learn TEKNOLOGI




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J. Boye Aarhus 18 Conference

At the international J. Boye conference in Aarhus, Denmark you will get valuable insights on the latest digital trends and developments. The conference features 3 packed days of world class speakers and carefully crafted mix of customer stories, analyst talks and keynotes.

About Cecilie Kalhøj Kobbelgaard

About UCN act2learn TEKNOLOGI

Center of Construction & Business is part of University College in Northern Jutland and works with business development in the construction industry of all the construction actors. The center is an important player in the new market, which the construction industry is currently operating in. The increased demands for digitization means that there is an increasing need for upgrading competencies and developing long-term strategies. Such development initiatives are just some of the core benefits of the Center for Construction & Business.