Jesper Bylund (SE)

Conference Speaker Jesper Bylund

Jesper Bylund (SE)

  • Intranet Manager at Region Skåne




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At the international J. Boye conference in Aarhus, Denmark you will get valuable insights on the latest digital trends and developments. The conference features 3 packed days of world class speakers and carefully crafted mix of customer stories, analyst talks and keynotes.

About Jesper Bylund

Jesper is the intranet manager at Region Skåne. Today the intranet is firmly perceived as the tool for support and efficiency in the organization – exactly where he wants it to be.

Loving his work, Jesper Bylund sometimes dreams about intranets at night, seeing perfect navigation and using a lot of time-saving features. No nightmares. Is this a sign of dedication or intranet madness? Time will tell.

About Region Skåne

Region Skåne is the county council in Skåne in Sweden. The regional council’s main responsibility is for the public healthcare system, public transport and development within the region, which includes co-ordination of development of commerce, communication, culture and collaboration with other regions both in and outside of Sweden. Region Skåne has 35.000 employees

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