Jim Hoffskov

Conference Speaker Jim Hoffskov

Jim Hoffskov (DK)

  • Director, Online Marketing at Oticon Medical
  • Specializes in digital marketing and strategy, leadership and intercultural and globalization understanding

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Aarhus 17 Conference –  Nov 7-9 2017
At the international J. Boye conference in Aarhus, Denmark in November you will get valuable insights and input on the latest trends and developments from world class speakers, experts and peers.


TRACK: Marketing
DATE: Thursday, nov 9 @ 13-13:45

About Jim Hoffskov

Jim has been in the position as Director of Global Online Marketing at Oticon Medical since June 2015. Here he is responsible in driving online business through the development and operation of web and social media platforms.

Jim has 18 years of experience in digital solution and project management in global large-scale companies. Ten of these spent on leadership and management of online specialists, and eight spent on frontend web programming and online solutions management. Throughout a variety of different industries, including medico, software, transportation, and real estate.

About Oticon Medical

Oticon Medical offers bone anchored hearing systems and cochlear implants solutions, which address the needs of different patient groups. Their solutions benefits people with hearing loss and are specialized to address the needs of those who face the hardest hearing challenges.