Paul-Jervis Heath

Paul-Jarvis Heath

Paul-Jervis Heath (UK)

  • Pricipel at Modern Human
  • Applies human-centred design to help businesses to invent their future
  • Is a design mentor and non-exec director to a number of startups.
  • Once did a comedy course but unfortunately it didn’t make him any funnier




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Aarhus 2017 Conference –  Nov 7-9 2017 – Aarhus, DK
At the international J. Boye conference in Aarhus, Denmark in November you will get valuable insights and input on the latest trends and developments from world class speakers, experts and peers.

About Paul-Jervis Heath

Paul-Jervis Heath is a designer and innovation consultant. He’s Principal at Modern Human, a design studio and innovation consultancy.

He applies human-centred design to help businesses to invent their future. He leads design projects and builds capability for design thinking within organisations. Over a 15 year career he’s introduced human-centred design methods to many organisations and led diverse design projects such as in-car information systems, smart home appliances, concepts for retail stores of the future, and countless other multichannel services and digital products.

Don’t get him started on the ancient British tradition of queueing for coffee unless you have an hour to spare. Actually, ask him while you’re in a queue.

About Modern Human

Modern Human is a design practice and innovation consultancy. The company was founded on the philosophy that the products and services we all use should improve modern life. We should all be enriched, empowered and liberated by the technology available to us.

Modern Human’s human-centred design process provides a framework that empowers clients and their customers. It gives them the opportunity to reimagine and reinvent modern life by creating products, services and experiences that they engage with emotionally as well as functionally.

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