Enterprise Search book by Martin WhiteAt a time when enterprises are creating and retaining more information than ever before, the imperative for a managed search environment is more pressing than ever. Enterprise Search shares a clear vision of what organisations must do to enable effective access to this information, of critical importance to successful business decision-making.

The message at the heart of Martin White’s book titled Enterprise Search – Enhancing Business Performance is that the critical success factor for effective Enterprise Search is investment in people in the form of a “Search Support Team”. This team is the key to unlocking access to the enterprise’s information assets and delivering the sustained focus necessary to keep that capability relevant in the constantly evolving needs of the modern digital workplace.

Acknowledging from the outset how challenging it is to deliver effective enterprise search, Martin White presents all the essential elements for success with search in an accessible, practical and deliberately non technically-focussed way. If you are looking for a book with concise, practical information on how to either get more from your current search investment or to maximise the investment you are considering making, then this is the book for you!

Martin White has been using computer-based search applications since 1974 and in the consulting business since 1979. He founded Intranet Focus Ltd. in 1999 to provide clients with vendor-independent advice on intranet and information management strategy development and implementation and as such has a wealth of expert knowledge and experience to draw on in this his 7th book.

Available as both an e-book and in print format, I am confident that anyone passionate about improving the access to enterprise information assets, will find this book an invaluable and regularly referenced companion.

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You can meet Martin White in person at the J. Boye Search Day in London on February 13, J. Boye Search Day in Copenhagen on March 18 & J. Boye Search Day in Oslo on March 19.