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Member Profile

The group is mainly aimed at large commercial companies with an international perspective, and also at large non-profit, educational and government organizations. Those holding seats in this Group will be senior digital professionals with experience in managing one or multiple web sites, intranets or social business platforms.

 Topics Covered

  • Defining, implementing and managing digital policies
  • Establishing / optimizing governance structure: roles, responsibilities and channels of communication
  • KPIs: tracking, measuring and reporting, see “The challenges with setting meaningful digital KPI” from the kick-off meeting in June 2015
  • ROI challenges
  • Information management strategy
  • Mobile and social strategies
  • Content strategy:decisions around content; what goes where on the web?
  • Challenges with corporate language
  • Making the most of online analytics
  • Organizing a content inventory and migration
  • WCM marketplace – state of the industry
  • Planning and managing website and/or intranet relaunch
  • Getting buy-in from your team and from top management for your governance and compliance objectives.
  • Management of decentralized units and teams in several offices / regions / countries.

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The group meets every 3 – 4 months for full-day meetings. Members take turn hosting the meetings at their organisation.