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A forum where CMS analysts, thinkers, practitioners, experts and vendors can meet, set the agenda for future industry developments, provide feedback and share thoughts and ideas in an inspiring setting.

Next meetings

June 18 – 19 in Berlin
August 31 in Rovinj (co-located with Web Summer Camp)
November 6 in Aarhus (co-located with J. Boye 18 conference)

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Janus Boye, Moderator

The groups meet 3 times a year.

Meetings are held in English and J. Boye provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members to continue the conversations in between the meetings. There are expert guest speakers at most meetings to provide further input to the group. Guest speakers could be relevant customer cases, analysts or industry standard organisations. Each meeting will result in a public document as a statement from the group intended to stir public discussion and further advance the field.

Member Profile

If you have several years of experience, a broad range of knowledge and your working day is dedicated to one or more content management systems, e.g. as Product Manager, CTO or Content Manager, then you have the ideal profile. Each group is limited to 20
members from the buy as well as sell-side. Seats are reserved for a mixture of vendors; large, complex and global buyers as well as analysts to achieve the right composition. New members will need to be approved by existing members to ensure the right composition. J. Boye handles this process entirely.

 Topics Covered

CMS topics such as usability, digital marketing, content strategy, standards, performance, implementations and technology are the main themes for the group. Topics that impact the adoption of content management in the broader marketplace, such as mobile, social and other key trends will also be covered.
Don’t see the topic(s) you’re interested in? Try the group and raise your topic(s) with them.

“I’ve belonged to the J. Boye CMS Expert Group for a number of years now. It’s a group of experienced CMS vendors, integrators, and users that meet four times a year to spend a full day discussing what we do. We have a guest speaker or two, and a couple members might give short presentations, but it always descends into in-depth discussion fairly quickly. Travel out of the Midwest is sometimes onerous, but I suffer through it because the group is that good and has been hugely influential in my professional development.”

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Deane Barker


Among the group members are:

  • Angus Edwardson, Product Director at GatherContent
  • Antti Hietala, Product Manager at Magnolia
  • Bernd Burkert, Head of Experience Transformation at KPS
  • Christian Köhler, Chief Operating Officer at byte5
  • Gavin Colborne, Managing Director at Little Forest
  • Joerg Schaeffer, Director of Product Management at CoreMedia
  • Petr Palas, CEO at Kentico Software
  • Pieter Brinkman, Director of Technical Marketing at Sitecore
  • Rie Haagen, Digital Marketing Manager at Nilfisk
  • Thomas Sigdestad, CTO and Co-founder at Enonic