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Next meeting: June 29

Location: Utrecht

Janus Boye

This group is a forum for those focusing on improving the employee experience in organizations where the intranet has evolved into a truly business critical tool; both strategically and operationally. We identify and explore emerging trends. We work with the challenges around further developing the employee experience and look beyond tools and digital platforms. A forum for those shaping the next generation workplace

The groups meet 3 times a year, usually in February, June and November.
Meetings are held in English and J. Boye provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members to continue the conversations in between the meetings. There are expert guest speakers at most meetings to provide further input to the group. Guest speakers could be relevant customer cases, analysts or industry standard organisations. Each meeting will result in a public document as a statement from the group intended to stir public discussion and further advance
the field.

Discussing workplace of the future in AmsterdamProfiles

If you have several years of experience, a broad range of knowledge and your working day is dedicated to employee experience, e.g. as someone working in HR, Communications or IT, then you have the ideal profile. This group is limited to 20 members.

New members will need to be approved by existing members to ensure the right composition. J. Boye handles this process entirely.


Employee experience topics such as company culture, increasing productivity, working out loud,
mobile apps, standards are the main themes for the group. Topics that impact the adoption of emerging best practices will also be covered.

Back in March 2017, the group hosted a masterclass on Workplace of the Future in Amsterdam. Here’s a summary from the event: Welcome home. Oops, we meant, “Welcome to work.”

Don’t see the topic(s) you’re interested in? Try the group and raise your topic(s) with them.

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