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Next meeting: June 7.

Subsequent meetings:

Lau Hesselbæk Andreasen
  • September 26.
  • December 7.

This group is a forum for intranet professionals from organizations where the intranet has evolved into a truly business critical tool; both strategically and operationally. We identify and explore emerging trends. We work with the challenges around further developing the intranet as the ideal workplace web. A forum for those shaping the next generation intranets

The group meets every three to four months for full-day meetings. Members take turn hosting the meetings at their organisation.

J. Boye provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members where we share the meeting resources. We invite expert guest speakers to most of the meetings to provide further input to the group. Wishes for agenda topics and speakers from members will be taken into account when planning the agendas.


Experienced intranet professionals, typically from large, complex / dispersed organisations; public, private and third sectors.

The groups are not open to consultants or vendors.


This group is a forum for experienced intranet and collaboration professionals. Focus is on testing the strategic direction of your internal digital channels and discussing the tactical choices in a confidential forum. We look at each other’s solutions and projects in pipeline. We identify and explore emerging trends and we work with the challenges around further developing offering of internal digital tools and services.

  • Strategy for intranet, collaboration and digital workplace
  • Intranet governance
  • Stages of maturity 
  • Effective alignment of intranet strategy with overall organisational strategy / business objectives
  • Optimising governance structure: roles, responsibilities and channels of communication
  • Findability & search
  • Managing security
  • Tool / solution evaluation and market predictions
  • Strategy for mobile and other devices
  • Apps
  • Approaches to content review and inventory
  • Cloud
  • Information management in the intranet context 
  • KPIs, measurement, Analytics and reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Communication tools: video, infographics etc.
  • Content strategy
  • Marketing of the intranet

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