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J. Boye is an international knowledge sharing network with activities in several countries in Europe and North America. Find your region and group:

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Benefits of Joining

The best ideas often occurs when like minded professionals share their knowledge and experience and learn from each other. At J. Boye groups you get to do just that while obtaining advice from recognized digital leaders at top companies and organizations.

J. Boye Groups are exclusive, carefully moderated groups that bring together experienced professionals. J. Boye Groups are confidential safe spaces where you can share experience and challenges with your peers. You can use the groups to benchmark your organization’s performance, compare to how others are doing and get input and feedback on current projects.

As a member you get access to the entire J. Boye network, and you will get the chance to build strong relationships with your peers for ongoing advice peer support from the members.

About our Meetings

The focus is on developing professional relationships, sharing expertise and learning from each other.
Each group is a personal network to support professional development for you and your team
– Allows you to consult other digital professionals in a confidential space

-Get insight on upcoming trends and methods for the digital future of tomorrow

-Obtain support from recognized digital leaders at top companies and

-Get free advice when making crucial choices for your organization or company