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Content strategy is as exciting as it can be frustrating. It is about looking beyond technology to address the content chaos that is one of the fundamental problems of the Web. It is about turning content into the valuable asset it could and should be. Are you struggling to keep the content of your organisation’s Web estate under control and to make it useful? Then this group is for you!

Next Meeting

14. June, 2018

Subsequent Meeting

6. September, 2018

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The group meets four times annually for full-day meetings. Members take turn hosting the meetings at their organisation.

J. Boye provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members to continue the conversations in between the meetings.

Member Profile

Experienced content managers and strategists from all over the UK. The group is open to members from all sectors.

Focus and topics

Specific topics for discussion in the Content Strategy group:

  • The big picture: Aligning web content with your organisations mission and vision
  • Success criteria: measuring the success of your content
  • Getting management support
  • Working with other business stakeholders
  • Applying storytelling
  • Personas
  • Rethinking the content creation process
  • Role of the editor
  • Voice and tone