The Digital Manager’s Agenda – Manchester

The Digital Manager’s Agenda

April 3, 2017 – Manchester

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How do you create better experiences? “Customer-first” is not a new guiding principle, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to superior digital experiences.

Learn from leading practitioners and experts and gain actionable insights for your own initiatives at this J. Boye masterclass on The Digital Manager’s Agenda.

What you will learn

  • Better use of insights
  • How to develop workable governance models for your organisations
  • How to master a complex and global set-up

Topics covered

  • How to develop better working relationships with agencies and vendors
  • How to successfully relaunch complex websites
  • How to think like a product manager and develop digital leadership skills


Welcome and today’s objectives
Janus Boye, J. Boye (DK)TBA
Data governance – from project to enterprise.
Javed Iqbal, British Council (UK)
A globally dispersed organisation with diverse digital platforms offers unexpected but exciting challenges in terms of enterprise versus project based monitoring of data and strategic versus tactical analysis and reporting.In this session we will look at the case study from the British Council exploring how using CRO data you break down barriers between businesses and implement a data gathering and reporting infrastructure.Javed Iqbal
Product Thinking – the digital norm
Louis Georgiou, Code Computerlove (UK)
There have been many changes over the years to the business of creating digital businesses. From waterfall, to agile, to lean, and many different flavours of governance models in-between. The growth of lean start-ups and digital product businesses has created the ‘product mindset’ which is arguably the only way to develop digital platforms today.Louis Georgiou
Informal lunch
and networking
Janus Boye
Bring your big challenges, roll up your sleeves and let’s work on it
How do we keep up with the changes?
Paul Bason, Digital Innovation, MMU (UK)
With the incredible pace of change in the digital sector, how do slow-moving organisations like universities keep up? How can higher education ensure that students have the skills relevant for modern, digital businesses? What are the challenges for universities, students and businesses and how can they come together to solve them?In this talk, Paul Bason, Director of Digital Innovation at Manchester Metropolitan University will examine some of these challenges and look at how we need to respond in a world where future jobs have not yet been invented.Paul Bason
Managing digital presence: setting priorities and delivering results
Marianne Kay, University of Leeds (UK)
Managing digital presence is never a done job. Creating new websites is exciting and rewarding; maintaining them requires discipline and grit. Keeping web content in good shape relies on establishing good habits. From setting priorities, to managing relationships with content owners, to measuring results, Marianne Kay will cover a number of tools and strategies that help web managers to focus on the content that delivers real value.Marianne Kay
Janus Boye
Key learnings and today’s take aways


Museum of Science and History
Liverpool Road,
M3 4FP


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