Making Office 365 Work – Aarhus

Making Office 365 Work

April 18, 2017 – Aarhus

You’ve heard about Microsoft Office 365 and endured the sales pitch? Yes, it is a big change from both SharePoint and old ways of working with Microsoft Office, but how do you really make it work in your organisation?

At this J. Boye masterclass on Making Office 365 Work, you can join leading practitioners and experts to learn from the best and gain actionable insights for your own initiatives.

What you will learn

  • Change communication when introducing Office 2017
  • Developing governance models for your organisations
  • How to use Office 365 to increase productivity?

Topics covered

  • Ensuring employee adoption
  • How Office 365 is maturing, but still has a way to go
  • How to avoid performance issues
  • Organisational setup and realities of shadow IT


Welcome and today’s objectives
Janus Boye
When To Use What In Office 365
Richard Harbridge
Your users may struggle with these questions:

  • Should I share via Microsoft Yammer, Microsoft Office 365 Groups, or Microsoft OneDrive?
  • Should I share a file in Outlook, in a meeting, from OneDrive for Business, on Yammer, in a Group, or in a SharePoint site?

What happens when your users can’t decide what technology or feature to use? They use what they know, or what’s easy; even if better options exist.

In this session, join Richard Harbridge as he helps you maximise the value of your Office 365 investment by providing the guidance you need to help your users make better, more effective decisions on how they get work done.

Improving Adoption As A Service With Office 365
Richard Harbridge
Office 365 provides an incredible amount of value to individual employees, teams, departments, and organizations. Much of this value is not realized immediately upon purchase or deployment of Office 365. The value is realized as more and more users understand, adopt and embrace the technology. So how do we drive faster, sustainable and effective adoption? And perhaps more importantly, how do we ensure our adoption approach scales and can keep up with the innovation the Office 365 service provides? Join Richard Harbridge as he shares real world experience, advice and activities that other customers are leveraging to get more from Office 365 and drive more meaningful adoption.

Informal lunch
and networking
Roundtable discussions
Janus Boye
We’ll divide in smaller groups and work on our projects, share feedback and input
Customer story: Bang & Olufsen
Thomas Kaaber
Bang & Olufsen was among the early adopters of Office 365 with an initial ambition to implement Office 365 to drive down costs. Many hard earned lessons along the way and Thomas will share from his perspective as Senior Manager, Corporate IT
Customer story: VELUX
Line Møller Hansen
How the VELUX Group managed the communication and change management tasks when introducing their Digital Workplace – and learned how to use Yammer to create changes and a more global company
Janus Boye
Key learnings and today’s take aways


TBARichard Harbridge
CTO at 2toLead
TBAThomas Kaaber
Sr. Manager at Bang & Olufsen
TBAJanus Boye
Founder at J. Boye
Line Møller HansenLine Møller Hansen
Sr. Communications Advisor at VELUX


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