Shaping the digital workplace – Aarhus

Shaping the Digital Workplace

April 20, 2017 – Aarhus

Most organisations still operate with what could be termed a classic intranet; a platform where content is published and static company information is stored. Despite the massive confusion surrounding the definition, every organisation today has a digital workplace; a plethora of platforms, tools, workflows and services – and the intranet is simply a part of this landscape. The challenges for those managing this landscape are many.

Learn from leading practitioners and experts and gain actionable insights for your own initiatives towards tomorrow’s workplace at this J. Boye masterclass on Shaping the Digital Workplace.

What you will learn

  • How to develop a sensible approach to SaaS and cloud – with the end goal of enabling employees to bring in their own tools and services to work – and to bring work onto their own devices
  • How to develop workable governance models for your organisations
  • How to successfully deploy emerging tools and services to increase productivity
  • How to determine and define what success looks like in this fragmented landscape; how do you set meaningful KPIs that can be measured and reported back to the business?

Topics covered

  • How do you structure, coordinate and present this landscape for dispersed workforce, so their employee experience is coherent and relevant to them and their work? And how do you enable and allow them to access relevant services from wherever they happen to work?
  • How do you manage the ever-growing mountain of content and data? And the demands from the business to instantly be able to find the right content – and turn just some this data into meaningful business intelligence that can be acted upon?


Welcome and today’s objectives
Janus Boye
Constructing a digital workplace that balances numerous needs without compromising global energies or local requirements
Hanna Karppi, Skanska (SE)
Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction and project development companies that has 43,000 employees working at offices and construction sites in multiple locations in 11 countries. Moving first from local to global intranet and now towards digital workplace is not a simple task in this complex organization working within a very traditional industry. Learn how Skanska has managed to balance the different needs without compromising global synergies or local requirements. And how the user experience and needs guide the development of the intranet and other digital communications and knowledge sharing tools at Skanska.
Creating a global network culture, by making it normal to engage openly
Guilla Ridgewell, Grundfos (DK)
Learn how Grundfos inspires its organization to work as a global network and what that actually means in daily practices, among more; use of #WOL, cloud solutions, collaboration analytics and social leaders.
Informal lunch
and networking
Janus Boye
Bring your own challenges, get feedback from peers and experts
Towards the future of internal communications
Jonas Bladt Hansen, Arla Foods (DK)
Jonas is newly appointed Director for the Internal Communications Department in Arla Foods. In this session he will give his view on how the future of communication will look and try to answer these questions: How will Millennials challenge our ways of communicating – and how will robots? Which competencies do we need in order to reach and engage our audience in the future? And will there be a role for internal communication in the future?
Accelerate your Digital Transformations by engaging the right people: A case for network & people analytics
Richard Santos Lalleman, Innovisor (DK)
Companies face many transformations: from its workforce, to the workplace and the world of work. The digital workplace leaders, internal communication experts and Intranet Managers – to name a few – are the ones who help these companies to transform through these disrupting times.It’s not only about transforming the structure of connected technologies, but also the culture of a connected workforce.

Learn more about how a combination of organizational network analysis and people analysis help you in transforming a your company’s culture successfully. By engaging the right persons, you strengthen the mindset of 85% to 90% of your company.

Janus Boye
Key learnings and today’s take aways


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