The Digital Manager’s Agenda – Rovinj

The Digital Manager’s Agenda

August 30, 2017 – Rovinj

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How do you really build a better experience? Most have said customer-first for a while now, but we still have a long way to go, when it comes to building superior digital experiences.

At this J. Boye masterclass on The Digital Manager’s Agenda, you can join leading practitioners and experts to learn from the best and gain actionable insights for your own initiatives. We’ll cover the 5 key themes for digital managers in 2017 and there will be plenty of room for discussions and to get input on your projects.

Note: This event is co-located with the Web Summer Camp. Spend the last days of summer immersed in peer-to-peer learning, while your tech team attends hands-on workshops


What you will learn

  • Using data to work with the right KPI’s and bring the customer to the center
  • Governance models for your organisations
  • How to master a complex and global digital set-up?


Topics covered

  • Breaking down internal silos to create the best solutions
  • Customer experience management in the real world
  • Dealing with agencies and vendors



Welcome and today’s objectives
Janus Boye
Leading with data and user insights

Ravi Mynampaty, Harvard Business School (US)

Big data is all the rage nowadays but in many organizations there’s plenty of unexploited human-sized data. Such data and content are not reaching their full potential due to being trapped in specialized custom applications, vendor-supplied or cloud-based solutions, or even plain old relational databases and CMS’s.

Hear about how HBS is mitigating this problem via a well-designed integration layer powered by search.

Learn how this approach is allowing us to provide optimal user experience by ingesting data and content from various sources into our search index after laundering it by means of data Cleansing, Assembling, Supplementing and Harmonization (CASH). This CASH flow process outputs high-quality search indexes which in turn supply web services for accessing all HBS content for fast lookup and delivery of topnotch products for our various user groups.

You will see how the search index can become your bank from which you can make withdrawals in perpetuity to fulfill the needs of your users.



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Informal lunch
and networking
Janus Boye, J. Boye (DK)
Bring your projects and big priorities for the rest of the year and get input from your peers.
Massimo Carnevali, University of Ferrara (IT)

GDPR: What you need to know, what you need to fix and how you’ve come

One of the leading experts on privacy and the EU General Data Protection Regulation is Berlin-based Tim Walters. He has previously called GDPR “a ticking timebomb in the digital marketing plumbing” and urged everyone not to underestimate the impact of the new legislation.

This session is led by Massimo who will share what we need to know and there will be plenty of room to discus progress made and how to get ready for 2018

Another great speaker


More details coming soon

Janus Boye
Key learnings and today’s take aways



Conference host Janus BoyeJanus Boye
Conference speaker Ravi MynampatyRavi Mynampaty
Harvard Business School
Conference speaker Massimo CarnevaliMassimo Carnevali
IT Consultant



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52210 Rovinj


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