• Solo
  • Membership for 1 person in 1 group
  • 3-4 group meetings per year
  • 25 % discount on all J. Boye events
  • Team
  • 2 or more members from the same organisation
  • Each member can join 1 group (in any country)
  • 3-4 group meetings per year
  • 25 % discount on all J. Boye events
  • Premium

  • Bespoke corporate membership
  • Specific needs and wishes catered for
  • Can include consulting, customised company events, training, analysis, case studies
  • Please contact us and we will create the right membership for you
All J. Boye Group membership plans provide access to the J. Boye international network and ongoing support from J. Boye experts. Apply for your membership today, joining more than 500 members worldwide.
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Why you should join one of the J. Boye groups?

The best ideas come from experience. The J. Boye knowledge sharing groups allows you to consult other digital professionals facing similar issues. Each group  is composed with members in similar roles and each group is a personal network to support professional development for you and your team.

Joining the J. Boye network is the best way to the right advice when you are making crucial choices for your organization or company.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to send us a line about our benefits and pricing, we will get back to you shortly.