5 questions to ask before selecting a Web CMS

As content management systems largely remain the de-facto digital platform for most large and complex organisations, selecting the right one for your organisation is a critical decision. The new system should ideally last for several years to come, but how do you find the best one? Analysts crown vendors as winners and losers in the … Continue reading 5 questions to ask before selecting a Web CMS

The Making of ERS 2.0

There are many ways to launch a website and even more ways to use modern tools, frameworks and systems to build the underlying technical platform. Each with different strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to Samuel Pouyt at the European Respiratory Society for sharing the below extensive and detailed technical case study of their new website at … Continue reading The Making of ERS 2.0

What’s the future of CMS?

While I’ve worked with content management systems in various roles since 1999, I was still humbled when the friendly organisers of the 2017 Umbraco Festival in Germany, asked me to present on the future of CMS. Upon rehearsing I found that the vast majority of my Future of CMS slides covered the past and the … Continue reading What’s the future of CMS?

Kentico now has 2 CMS products

It is not unusual for software vendors of all sizes to release new products, but it is a bit unusual when a vendor releases something overlapping and potentially competing. That’s effectively what Czech-based CMS vendor Kentico did back in November with the release of Kentico Cloud, a completely new and separate product that runs as … Continue reading Kentico now has 2 CMS products