Introducing Concept Software

How can we as software product managers set up radically experimental projects to gauge the viability of new ideas—without risking ongoing business and without confining ourselves to the restrictions of the current business environment? Rasmus Skjoldan is Lead Product Manager at Swiss-based software vendor Magnolia and posted this question at a recent J. Boye Software … Continue reading Introducing Concept Software

Tomorrow’s workplace will have many apps

Going mobile have been the big initiative for the past couple of years with apps for work arriving on many smartphones, including Google Suite, Microsoft Office, LinkedIn, Slack, WhatsApp and much more. In addition, we’ve seen the rise of software vendors like Staffbase,  who offers an employee app for internal communication and more. As multiple … Continue reading Tomorrow’s workplace will have many apps

Solodev – an innovative enterprise CMS based on AWS

While in Washington DC to moderate a meeting in the J. Boye CMS Expert Group, I had a longer conversation with our member Shawn Moore from software vendor Solodev. We spoke about tech trends, recent developments and how some of the big problems in the industry remain unsolved. Solodev is a Florida-based content management vendor, which rebuilt their … Continue reading Solodev – an innovative enterprise CMS based on AWS