Coredna – a digital platform vendor built for speed and scale

Have you ever put a new CMS, marketing or e-commerce tool in place to address a specific problem, only to find an ever-increasing workload and new problems emerge? During the recent years, cloud and the software-as-a-service approach have been differentiators in a crowded and fast-moving marketplace, yet these have rarely really addressed the customer need for … Continue reading Coredna – a digital platform vendor built for speed and scale

How to think about business development

Ongoing business development is a prerequisite for survival in an ever changing World. So how do you go about working with new business models, introducing new offerings and winning new customers? All too often, immature technology coupled with concerns about organisational culture have dominated the discussions in meetings within the J. Boye community. Customer behaviour is changing and it's hard … Continue reading How to think about business development

Kentico now has 2 CMS products

It is not unusual for software vendors of all sizes to release new products, but it is a bit unusual when a vendor releases something overlapping and potentially competing. That’s effectively what Czech-based CMS vendor Kentico did back in November with the release of Kentico Cloud, a completely new and separate product that runs as … Continue reading Kentico now has 2 CMS products

Introducing Concept Software

How can we as software product managers set up radically experimental projects to gauge the viability of new ideas—without risking ongoing business and without confining ourselves to the restrictions of the current business environment? Rasmus Skjoldan is Lead Product Manager at Swiss-based software vendor Magnolia and posted this question at a recent J. Boye Software … Continue reading Introducing Concept Software