Update to J. Boye customer and suppliers

As a part of our on going growth and internationalisation, J. Boye ApS – your provider of expert groups – changed ownership and as a result implemented some organisational changes in December 2016, including hiring a new managing director.

To better reflect the range of services offered, we are now named J. Boye Group and have a new company registration number (DK38227890).

Our full commitment to you as a customer and network group member is unchanged. The membership offerings and the group(s) you participate in also remain unchanged.

We have changed bank in this process. Due to Danish financial compliance restrictions, J.Boye Group can no longer use or access the previous accounts and specifically not access payment transactions. Please do not use the old information, but check your invoice carefully and use the information supplied there. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information; via email: info@jboye.com    or phone: +45 2970 1500