Arla Foods took it a step further and worked with an external agency to develop a logo identity for their intranet named MyWorkPlaceUnlike websites which typically don’t have designated names, many intranets carry a special name that is used to brand the intranet. These names tend to stick and we’ve rarely heard of them changing, but if you don’t yet have a name for your intranet, what are the typical options?

As the below listing of intranet names around the world shows, there are many different types of names in use. Some of these names originates deep within the IT department where the intranet was born many years ago, while others are the result of a communication department or even an internal contest to find the best name.

Intranet names around the world

  • Aalborg Kommune: Klik
  • Adidas: adiweb
  • Arla: My Workplace
  • Aviva: Aviva World
  • BBC: Gateway
  • Chr. Hansen: C-Net
  • Coca Cola: iConnect
  • Copenhagen Business School: CBSshare
  • Fondazione Edmund Mach: FEM4me
  • HSH Nordbank: My Port
  • IBM: w3
  • J. Boye: Intrapedia
  • LEGO: LEGO Web
  • Lundbeck: BrainWeb
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo: Compass
  • Manpower Switzerland: InsideManpower
  • March of Dimes: Dimension
  • McDonalds: Access MCD
  • Mercedes Benz: Pitstop
  • Microsoft: Microsoft Web
  • Nestlé: Henri
  • Oxfordshire County Council: Insite
  • Pfizer: PfizerWorld
  • Rabobank: Meeting point
  • SABMiller: WEBrew
  • Securex: Intranet
  • Siemens: SieWeb
  • SimCorp: SimLink
  • Smithsonian: PRISM
  • UNHCR: UNHCR-net
  • Valtech: Valtech Now
  • Vestas: The Hub
  • Wärtsila: Compass
  • WWF: Connect

What’s the name of your intranet?

Please do help others by sharing the name of your intranet. Drop a comment with new additions or changes and then we will keep the list updated.

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